UNH Finds Robust Appetite for Seed and Start-Up Investing in 2016 Angel Market

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The angel financier marketplace in 2016 saw a diminution in investment dollars and understanding size, according to a latest angel marketplace research expelled by a Center for Venture Research during a University of New Hampshire.

Total investments in 2016 were $21.3 billion, a diminution of 13.5 percent over 2015, and 64,380 entrepreneurial ventures perceived angel appropriation in 2016, a diminution of 9.5% over 2015 investments. The series of active investors in 2016 was 297,880 individuals, a diminution of 2.3 percent from 2015.

“The change in both sum dollars and a series of investments resulted in a understanding distance for 2016 that was smaller than in 2015,” pronounced Jeffrey Sohl, executive of a UNH Center for Venture Research. “While these information prove a discreet shelter in terms of dollars invested and deals, angels increasing their ardour for seed and start-up investing, and a compared risk.”

The center’s research found that angel investments in a seed and start-up theatre increasing in 2016, with 41 percent of angel investments in a seed and start-up stage, compared to 28 percent in 2015. Angel investments continue to be a poignant writer to pursuit expansion with a origination of 263,950 new jobs in a United States in 2016, or 4.1 jobs per angel investment.

The full 2016 Angel Market Analysis is accessible during https://paulcollege.unh.edu/sites/paulcollege.unh.edu/files/webform/2016AnalysisReportFinal_0.pdf.

Source: University of New Hampshire

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