Union Budget is for a country, will not be state specific: Venkaiah Naidu

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New Delhi: Terming a direct of antithesis parties to defer a Budget Session as “anti-people”, Union Minister M Venkaiah Naidu on Friday pronounced a Union Budget is for a nation and would not be state specific.

Venkaiah Naidu record image. Image courtesy: CNN-News18Venkaiah Naidu record image. Image courtesy: CNN-News18

Venkaiah Naidu record image. Image courtesy: CNN-News18

“No bill means no development, no welfare. Is this what we want? And no support to bad people, no support to farmers, is that what your wish is? Why are we opposing? Budget is budget,” Naidu said.

He was responding to a doubt per antithesis parties’ direct that a display of a Union Budget on 1 February, forward of a Assembly elections in 5 states, be deferred compartment 8 March, a final day of voting.

Speaking to reporters in New Delhi, Naidu pronounced a bill would not be state specific.

“The bill will be about a people, their future, what are a taxation proposals, what is a income model…It will be presented before a Parliament, that is for a country, it will not be state specific,” a Information and Broadcasting apportion said.

He pronounced that he was not means to know a conflict lifted by a opposition.

“At a finish of a day, they are fearful that all their efforts during disinformation opposite a Modi supervision have unsuccessful and a latest disinformation of a antithesis on demonetisation is boomranging on them. They have realised, we have seen consult after survey,” he added.

He claimed that even in Uttar Pradesh, there is a large support for demonetisation since of that a antithesis parties are rattled.

“Now they have altered their bulletin again and are perplexing to now stop a bill that is an anti-people pierce again, that will again rebound on them,” he added.

Asked about a argument in Samajwadi Party in Uttar Pradesh, Naidu pronounced BJP would competition a UP choosing on a emanate of development.

He pronounced a emanate was not who is a hero within a family though that people gave a celebration a possibility for 5 years and it did not perform their promises.

He pronounced several of a states that were in a organisation called ‘BIMARU’ progressing like Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh grown after BJP governments were shaped there.

On a doubt about TMC, Naidu pronounced there were some allegations that were done in a past and a supervision was permitting inquisitive agencies to do their pursuit independently.

First Published On : Jan 6, 2017 16:10 IST