Universal Fingerprint-Protected Autofill

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Crypta is a fingerprint-protected USB device that allows we to record into your account on any computer with your fingerprint. Plug Crypta into a computer, name a comment we wish to record in to, and indicate your finger. Crypta is concordant with many computers, tablets, and phones, and it works on any site or focus that requires a username and password.


It works by emulating a USB keyboard, it forms in a scold username and cue when it detects your fingerprint. It stores your usernames and passwords and inputs them for you. It works though any additional drivers or software.


It issecure, utilizing fingerprint recognition, encryption, and lengthy, randomized passwords to make certain all of your accounts are safe. It needs to be set adult once. Using an open-source and offline executive software, we can configure all of a data. After setup, it will work on any mechanism system: smartphones, laptops, desktops, tablets, and more.


The plan debate is on a Kickstarter, a early bird pricing are gone, though we can still collect it adult for $135, an estimated smoothness is on Mar of 2016.



Source: Kickstarter