Unwed mothers do not need father’s agree for child’s guardianship: Supreme Court

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New Delhi: In a landmark judgement, a Supreme Court on Monday ruled that there was no need for a agree of a father in giving safekeeping of a child to an solitary mother.

Supreme Court. ReutersSupreme Court. Reuters

Supreme Court. Reuters

The peak justice dais headed by Justice Vikramajit Sen done this statement while recalling a progressing sequence of a safekeeping justice and seeking it to re-examine a defence by a solitary mom seeking safekeeping of a child but arising notice to a father.

The justice pronounced that a reduce courts, including high court, mislaid steer of a emanate that was before them to be examined and motionless a matter but holding into comment a gratification of a child.

The justice sequence came on a petition by a lady who is a gazetted officer in a government. The woman had challenged a procedural prerequisite of disclosing a temperament of a father and arising notice to him on a defence seeking solitary safekeeping of a child by a solitary mother.

The mom had contended that a male stayed with her hardly for dual months and did not even know a existence of a child.

According to an Indian Express report, a woman’s defence for solitary safekeeping was progressing deserted by a hearing justice in Delhi and a High Court. She afterwards filed an interest in Supreme Court in 2011. The news continues that a lady forked out that if identifying a father is not imperative on a pass focus form, this can be authorised in a safekeeping case, too, underneath “exceptional circumstances”.

This settlement by a Supreme Court was mostly good perceived on amicable media with many saying it as a pointer of swell in a Indian judiciary.