Update Your Braids For Fall With These Runway Looks

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Although braids are mostly compared with summer bliss, they can only as simply transition into your signature Fall 2017 hairstyle. Whether we wish to brush your hair into a stylish updo or competition prolonged plaits, try sketch your cues from a catwalk. Have a demeanour during these runway styles before we confirm on your subsequent braided ‘do for a deteriorate ahead.


At Balmain, parsimonious cornrows done a dash opposite a behind of a head. For a finishing touch, a hair was finished off with a well-spoken low ponytail, with strands wrapped around a bottom of a pony. To truly master an desirous braid yourself, try slicking flyaways and frizz divided from your face with jelly or hairspray.

Alice and Olivia

The milkmaid braids were a demeanour of a day during Alice and Olivia, with vital lax tendrils ragged around a face. Meanwhile, hair was woven around a behind of a conduct to finish a altogether hairstyle, with some hardness thrown in for a finishing touch.


If you’re not utterly prepared to burst into a braided trend headfirst (literally!), try holding your impulse from Valentino. The demeanour of smooth, middle-parted hair can be simply towering with a preference of tiny, spare braids. In fact, spare plaits around a physiognomy assistance to emanate visible interest, and can keep a independent suggestion of summer going strong.

Photos: Vogue Runway