Uri conflict Live: If India talks of action, Pakistan too can retaliate, says Pervez Musharraf

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Sep 20, 2016

  • 20:07(IST)

    India will be during error in eventuality of a war: Pervez Musharraf

  • 19:50(IST)

    Kashmir: Army foils infiltration bid in Naugam, one solider dead

  • 19:28(IST)

    Sri Lanka’s President condoles Uri conflict deaths




  • 19:26(IST)

    Government mulling quick and finish movement opposite apprehension groups


    Amid speculations on what a probable march of movement will be following a Uri attacks, CNN-News18 has reported that a domain in a supervision is advising quick and finish movement opposite a apprehension hubs behaving out of Pakistan. This competence embody precisely positioned atmosphere strikes or banishment from opposite a border. According to CNN-News18, drone notice to can be used to establish a coordinates of apprehension camps opposite a border.


    However, in that box a hazard stays that conditions competence shortly turn out of control, given a supportive inlet of attribute between a dual nations. Both a nations are arch powers and India can not risk escallating a family to a nuke-war like situation.


    There also stays a fact that India can never be certain of a pointing of such strikes while a plea from Pakistan and escalation of conditions is definite. 

  • 19:22(IST)

    Pakistan can also strike behind during a time and place of a choosing: Musharraf


    Former Pakistan President and Army General Pervez Musharraf told CNN-News18 in an pronounce that if India is articulate of movement during a time and place of a choosing, afterwards it should also cruise a retaliatory action. 


    “You pronounce about we can take movement during a time and place of your choosing. We can also strike behind during a time and place of a choosing, so don’t stop during that though also cruise a consequences of your action,” Musharraf said.





  • 18:36(IST)

    US asks Pakistan to follow patience in a arch program


    The US State secretary John Kerry told Pakistan to follow patience in a arch program, while he suggested both India and Pakistan to concur with any other. Signaling 0 toleration for state-sponsored or state-abetted terrorism, Kerry had told Islamabad that it needs to do some-more on a apprehension front, according to CNN-News18.


    However, a tough pronounce on apprehension also came laced with a pat on a back, as Kerry praised Pakistan on movement opposite terrorists on a western front, apparently referring to a clamp down on operations of Tehreek-E-Taliban, that has been active in Pakistan and Afghanistan, where US has estimable interest. 

  • 18:09(IST)

    Another confront underway in Handwara, Kashmir

    Amid reports of an ongoing confront in Uri zone circuitously LoC, reports have now emerged that a uninformed confront is also underway in Handwara district of Kashmir.


    ANI reports on a occurrence explain that an army jawan has been critically harmed in a operation. Further sum are awaited



  • 17:56(IST)

    US talks tough on Uri attack, warns Pakistan

    US State Secretary John Kerry on Tuesday released a strongly worded warning to Pakistan reiterating that Islamabad needs to forestall terrorists from regulating a territory, as reproted by CNN-News18. 


    It is exegetic to note here that in his statement, Kerry has specified that Pakistan needs to act opposite ‘all’ terrorists abounding on a soil, that is being seen as a thoughtfulness of a Indian mount that Islamabad needs to stop cultured between “state” and “non-state actors” or “good terrorists” and “bad terrorirsts.”


    This is one of a strongest statements released from a US to Pakistan.

  • 17:44(IST)

    Punitive strike in fray?

    According to CNN-News18, government sources haven’t ruled out punitive atmosphere strikes on a apprehension groups handling out of Pakistan. However, a accurate inlet of a pronounced movement is not clear. Amid a tough criticism asserted by BJP and a revelation overpower from Prime Minister Modi, it can be pronounced that a supervision is going for a calibrated movement usually after holding into criticism a fallout of any of a choices.


    According to CNN-News18, the RAW and MEA have urged a Prime Minister to act with patience as a fall-out of a cruel movement can be diplomatically deleterious for India.  

  • 17:34(IST)

    PM calls for cupboard accommodate on Uri conflict on Wednesday


  • 17:06(IST)

    10 militants killed in ongoing confront in Uri sector

    Two some-more terrorrists have been killed in a ongoing confront in Lachipora in Uri sector, holding a sum array of neutralised militants to 10, ANI reported. According to CNN-News18, the site of confront is unequivocally tighten to LoC and a site of ceasefire violation.

  • 16:51(IST)

    Eight militants neutralised in Uri sector

    According to CNN-News18, in an ongoing encounter, a Indian army has gunned down 8 terrorists in Lachipura in Uri sector. Reports contend that a sum of 15 militants have infiltrated into a region, while 7 continue to be on a run.

  • 16:40(IST)

    Five militants killed in Lachipura in Uri sector

    In an ongoing encounter, Indian Army has killed 5 militants in Lachipura in Uri sector, according to ANI

  • 16:32(IST)

    Last rites of Sepoy Uike Janrao achieved in Amravati with 21 gun salute



  • 16:30(IST)

    Sushma Swaraj approaching to lift Pak’s soothing proceed on terrorism during UNGA

    According to CNN-News18, Sushma Swaraj will not extent her conflict on Pakistan to a new Uri attacks though will list out a array of instances where apprehension groups have been dealt with gently by Pakistan. She is approaching to strike during Pakistan for permitting Dawood Ibrahim to work from it’s dirt and giving JeM and Hafiz Sayeed in a giveaway hand.


  • 16:24(IST)

    Indian army retort to Pak ceasefire, no injuries reported


    Indian army retaliated to a unprovoked banishment from Pakistani infantry though a army says there was no repairs in a incident.An army officer told PTI that a banishment from opposite a Line of Control took place between 1.10 pm and 1.30 pm.

  • 16:01(IST)

    Boycott Pakistan during Saarc: Afghan envoy


    The Afghanistan attach� to India told NDTV that there are plenty proofs of state sponsored terrorism from Pakistan and India and Afghanistan contingency send a decissive summary to Islamabad. He offer suggested India to cruise boycotting Pakistan during Saarc observant that those states who unite apprehension contingency be singled out.

  • 15:36(IST)

    Action opposite Pak-based terrorists usually after examining issues: Rijiju

    Any movement opposite terrorists based in Pakistan will be taken usually after examining all relevant issues, Union Minister Kiren Rijiju said.

    “Action will be taken after due consideration. Action is not taken after creation announcements,” he told reporters.

    The Minister of State for Home done a remarks when he was asked either a supervision was formulation to lift out a strike opposite terrorists camps formed in Pakistan. – PTI

  • 15:28(IST)

    Defence orator in Srinagar confirms ceasefire violation

    “I can endorse there has been a ceasefire defilement in Uri sector. Details are still awaited,” Colonel Rajesh Kalia, counterclaim orator in Srinagar, told Firstpost.

    The banishment took place during around 2 pm, reports Firstpost match Sameer Yasir.

  • 15:26(IST)

    Indian infantry given giveaway palm by Rajnath

    ​According to Times Now, Home Minister Rajnath Singh has called adult DG, BSF and given a giveaway palm to Indian infantry to retaliate.

  • 15:22(IST)

    20 rounds dismissed from tiny arms during Indian post in Uri: NDTV

  • 15:15(IST)

    Pak violates ceasefire in Lasipora Godtal in Uri Sector


  • 15:05(IST)

    Pakistan violates ceasefire along LoC in Uri


    According to India Today, Pakistani infantry have non-stop glow in a Uri zone in a defilement of ceasefire while Indian army have retaliated. Further sum are awaited on a issue.

  • 14:59(IST)

    Overseas Pakistanis to organize demonstration ahead of Sushma Swaraj’s UNGA address


    According to ANI, overseas Pakistanis competence organize a vast explanation in Ney York City, US brazen of a External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj’s chateau during a UNGA on 26 September.

  • 14:53(IST)

    Rajiv Mehrishi meets JK CM Mehbooba Mufti, Governor NN Vohra; Army beefs adult security


    Union Home Secretary Rajiv Mehrishi on Tuesday was in Srinagar to consider a belligerent conditions and correlate with polite and confidence officials in a state. He after met with a arch apportion and a Governor to offer apprise him of a confidence conditions in a valley.




    The army has on a other palm beefed adult confidence in North Kashmir and alond a borders and according to India Today, troops along LoC competence be realligned shortly to tackle augmenting infiltration bids.

  • 14:47(IST)

    Rajnath Singh reviews confidence with NSA, Foreign Secretary


    Rajnath Singh was briefed on Tuesday by National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and others, including officials from a Defence Ministry, paramilitary army and comprehension agencies, on a prevalent conditions in a Kashmir Valley as good as along a Line of Control (LoC).


    The Home Minister suggested that all compulsory stairs be taken to check infiltration along a LoC and a extent areas in Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab and Gujarat, according to a news in IANS.

  • 14:42(IST)

    Sharif seeks US, UK assistance to solve issues with India


    Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has reason detached meetings with US Secretary of State John Kerry and his British reflection Theresa May during that he urged a dual countries to assistance solve issues between Islamabad and New Delhi. Yet again needling India, Sharif asked a dual leaders to ask New Delhi to extend a right for self-determination to Kashmiris.


    Both Kerry and May appreciated Pakistan’s purpose in eradicating terrorism and extremism from a country.

  • 14:33(IST)

    Bihar supervision increases remuneration for Uri conflict martyrs


    After a family of a infantryman who mislaid his life in a Uri conflict denied a 5 lakh remuneration offered, a state supervision has now increasing a ex-gratia remuneration to Rs 11 lakh. Earlier according to CNN-News18, the family of one of a soldiers had denied a financial assistance observant a sufferer was not a spirits victim.

  • 14:26(IST)

    Last rites of Havildar NS Rawat achieved in Rajwa village, Rajasthan



  • 14:24(IST)

    Last rites of Lance Naik RK Yadav achieved in Balia



  • 14:17(IST)

    Germany condemns Uri attack, says with India in quarrel opposite terror


    German Foreign Minister, on Tuesday, cursed the Uri attacks and said, “Our thoughts are with a families of a murdered soldiers many who have been injured… Germany stands intentionally during India’s side in quarrel opposite terrorism, share a perspective that any republic is obliged for holding wilful movement opposite terrorism emanating from a territory,” a German minsiter pronounced according to ANI.


  • 14:12(IST)

    Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani calls Modi to uncover solidarity


    According to ANI, Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani spoke to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on write on Tuesday to succour a apprehension conflict in Uri. Ghani strongly cursed a belligerent conflict and conveyed Afghanistan’s support to India. He pronounced that Kabul will mount with New Delhi opposite all actions to discharge hazard of terrorism while Modi thanked him for a support.

  • 14:03(IST)

    Police confirms calm of questionable bag found in Pathankot not dangerous



  • 13:58(IST)

    Sushma to dilemma Pakistan during UNGA

    Government is closely monitoring what Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will contend during a UNGA accommodate as a beside republic has clearly indicated it will continue a bid to internationalise a Kashmir issue. Union Minister for External Affairs Sushma Swaraj is also due to pronounce during a assembly and according to CNN-News18, she will dilemma Pakistan on issues applicable to India’s interest.


    According to their report, Swaraj will singular out Pakistan in her debate and lift issues like Pakistan permitting Dawood to work from a soil, it’s nationals endangered in Pathankot and Uri conflict detached from voicing her regard on a Pakistani impasse in a stream disturbance in Kashmir. It is approaching that Swaraj will not bashful divided from targeting Pakistan on a soothing proceed towards terrorists.


    Swaraj will also take adult a tellurian rights violations in Balochistan segment of Pakistan.

  • 13:47(IST)

    Fidayeen conflict primarily designed to aim Poonch army base?

    CNN-News18 reports, a uninformed examine has suggested that a fidayeen conflict was initial designed during a Indian Army’s 63 brigade in Poonch. Two terrorists were successful in infiltrating and were dark in a devalue that common teh range with a army station, but  though a bid was foiled by a army, according to CNN-News18

  • 13:36(IST)

    Pakistan avoids Indian media


    According to CNN-News18, Nawaz Sharif avoided Indian reporters and chose to sojourn tight-lipped on a Uri conflict as Indian reporters pulpy him for a comment. Government sources have reliable that a Pakistan Prime Minister will hillside adult a Kashmir emanate during a UNGA meet.


    Earlier, NDTV also reported that one of it reporters were asked to leave a room, where Pakistan’s unfamiliar secretary was holding a press lecture following a United Nations General Assembly. “Iss Indian ko bahar nikalo” (Take this Indian out of a room), were teh accurate difference used in an uncivil gesticulate as a Indian publisher was asked to leave.



  • 13:22(IST)

    Suspicious bag found in Pathankot

    According to ANI, a questionable bag is detected circuitously an Army section during Simbal Chowk in Pathankot. The explosve patrol has been called during a mark and offer sum are awaited.


  • 13:12(IST)

    NIA registers box in Uri attack

    According to PTI, the NIA organisation has purebred a box in a belligerent conflict on a Army bottom in Uri and a organisation will strech a steer shortly to collect evidence. Apart from promulgation a GPS apparatus to a US for investigation, a NIA will also collect DNA samples of a 4 slain militants, who were reportedly a members of apprehension organisation Jaish-e-Muhammad.


    The army will handover all a weapons, GPS, navigation map of terrorists and other justification recovered in a post-attack hunt operations to NIA for offer investigation.


  • 13:00(IST)

    NIA to send GPS idol satellite set to US for examination

    NIA will send a GPS idol satellite set recovered from a combing operations during a site of Uri conflict to US for debate investigation. The examine will assistance find out what track terrorists chose to enter a army base, and when and how they entered a area, according to ANI. The research of a apparatus competence also assistance in final a strange plcae of a terrorists before they entered India.

  • 20:01(IST)

    Russia reliable a support to India’s counter-terrorism efforts

  • 19:33(IST)

    Army to retort during time, place of choosing: PM Modi tells President Mukherjee


    PM Modi briefed boss Mukherjee on Uri conflict and a government’s preference to besiege Pakistan diplomatically, NDTV reported. He also told a President that a India army will retort during a time and place of a choosing. 

  • 19:27(IST)

    Russia calls off corner infantry drills with Pakistan: CNN-News18

  • 19:24(IST)

    In Gurgaon, propagandize children collected to pay loyalty to a soldiers on Monday, who were martyred in a conflict on a Army camp. Eighteen soldiers of mislaid their lives in a lethal conflict that strike army bottom in Uri on diminutive hours of Sunday, while over 30 soldiers were harmed in a attack. According to CNN-News18, two harmed soldiers are pronounced to be in a vicious state. Most of a soldiers were burnt alive after their tents reason glow in a arise of a attack.



  • 19:11(IST)

    Beijing reacts with counsel to Uri attack

    Skirting approach anxiety to Pakistan and JeM,China uttered regard over “escalation” of tensions and “rising temperatures” in Kashmir after a Uri terror conflict and called on India and Pakistan to resolve their differences by dialogue. 


    “China opposes and strongly condemns all forms of terrorism. We are endangered about this escalation and rising temperatures surrounding Kashmir situation… We wish applicable parties will have discourse and consultation to solve their differences and lift counter terrorism cooperation,” Chinese Foreign Ministry orator Lu Kang pronounced according to PTI


    It is engaging to note here that JeM has special stress as Beijing has put a technical reason over India’s efforts to pierce about a UN anathema on the outfit’s leader Masood Azhar for his impasse in Pathankot conflict and India has nonetheless again blamed a apprehension organisation for a Uri attack

  • 19:02(IST)

    BJP personality Manoj Tiwari binds criticism circuitously Pakistan High Commission in Delhi

  • 19:00(IST)

    We have preferred capability to respond to such blatant act of violence: DGMO

    The Director General of Military Operations told a press on Monday that a Indian army was means of retaliating in a approach it deems suitable to retort to such attacks. “We haven a right to respond to any act of a opposite during a time and place of a possess choosing,” he said.  

  • 18:54(IST)

    Last rites rite of Havilder Ravi Paul being achieved in Samba, Jammu and Kashmir




  • 18:51(IST)

    PM Modi briefs President Mukherjee on Uri attack


    According to CNN-News18, a assembly between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Pranab Mukherjee is underway as a PM briefs a President about a high-level assembly reason progressing in a day. 

  • 18:47(IST)

    Reovery from combing operations also embody GPS devices

    Thirty 9 underneath tub grenade launcher grenades, 5 palm grenades, 2 radio sets, 2 tellurian positioning systems, 2 map sheets, 2 metric sheets…that are used as superintendence points for indicate to point movement are also recovered in a infantry combing operations, according to a DGMO.   

  • 18:37(IST)

    Hope perpetrators of Uri apprehension attacks are identified and brought to justice: UN





  • 18:31(IST)

    Netizens wish despotic movement opposite Pakistan


    According to a Twitter check conducted by ET.Com, netizens felt that it is indeed the time for tough movement opposite a opposition beside state. Fifty eight percent of twitterati polled in favour of a surgical strike while 35 percent people believed that Pakistan should be removed globally. A tiny 7 percent pronounced that India should continue on a trail of shared talks. 

  • 18:21(IST)

    Food packets with Pakistani markings recovered in combing operation: DGMO

    Total recoveries during Uri operation embody 4 AK-47 rifles,4 grenade launchers,4 underneath tub grenade launchers and vast scale of food packets and medicines having markings of Pakistan among other things, the DGMO said. 

  • 18:15(IST)

    Infiltration bids on a rise: DGMO 


    The DGMO told a press in New Delhi that a infiltration bid has increased this year in comparison to a final 3 to 4 years. Of a 110 militants neutralised this year, 31 were killed while perplexing to cranky a Line of Control, that shows a recklessness from a other side to penetrate into Indian, Lt. General Ranbir Singh said. 

  • 18:11(IST)

    Combing operations called off: DGMO


    According to ANI, Director General of Military Operations, Lt Gen Ranbir Singh, has pronounced that a combing operations have been called off after carrying out consummate search. The whole area in and around a Uri army bottom has been privileged of grenades, explosives, radio equipmenst and other such items. 

  • 17:55(IST)

    National Investigation Agency (NIA) organisation arrives during a site of Uri apprehension attack




  • 17:36(IST)

    Last rites of Subedar Karnail Singh of 10 Dogra Regiment being carried out in Jammu



  • 17:27(IST)

    Bangladesh strongly stands with India to exterminate terrorism


    Bangladesh Envoy to India,  Syed Muazzem Ali, offered deep upraise to the martyrs and prayed for the speedy release of a harmed soldiers. He pronounced that Dhaka strongly condemns all acts of terrorism and extremism reiterating that Bangladesh “strongly stands with India as a tighten crony and neighbour in this tough hour,” according to CNN-News18. 


    When asked whether Bangladesh will behind India’s bid to besiege Paksitan diplomatically and take adult terrorism during a United Nations, he pronounced “we are prepared to concur on any front with India to exterminate terrorism.” 

  • 17:17(IST)

    Afghanistan condemns Uri attacks, says strongly mount with India in quarrel opposite terror


    Afghanistan has uttered oneness with India, observant that a republic has also been confronting identical attacks on a confidence forces. 


    Shaida Mohd Abdali, Afghan Ambassador to India said, “We entirely support PM Modi’s call for a clever organisation movement opposite those who threaten all people and those who use terrorism as an instrument of unfamiliar police.. We have been seeing this for many years,” according to ANI report. 



  • 17:06(IST)

    Nawaz Sharif writes to 5 UNSC member states on Kashmir issue


    According to CNN-News18, Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has written to 5 UNSC member states urging movement opposite India on a ‘atrocities’ in Kashmir. Islamabad has created to China, UK, US, Russia and France in a bid to internationalise a Kashmir emanate brazen of a upcoming UNGA assembly in New York.

  • 16:57(IST)

    India propagating ‘hostile narrative’ opposite Islamabad: Pakistan Army


    Refuting India’s claim that Pakistan sponsored terrorists were behind a attack, Pakistan Army Chief, General Raheel Sharif said that New Delhi was propagating a ‘hostile narrative’ opposite Islamabad. Sharif pronounced that Pakistan was closely examination a conditions and was entirely prepared to take on India, if need be, CNN-News18 reported. 

  • 16:48(IST)

    Following a Uri attack, there were reports of anti-Pakistan protests from various parts of a country. Some BJP activists in Patna, Bihar burnt Pakistani flags in a uncover of protest against a conflict on army base on Sunday while members of Akhand Bharat Morcha raised slogans and protested in New Delhi. 



  • 16:38(IST)

    Unable to win open war, Pak resorting to rebellious acts: Prakash Javadekar


    Taking a puncture during Pakistan for helping and aiding terrorism on Indian soil, Union Minister Prakash Javadekar pronounced that given Islamabad couldn’t win an open fight with India, it was resorting to “subversive activities”.


    Batting for a pro-peace, pro-development approach the apportion said, “We wish both a countries to go brazen on a path of growth peacefully.”

  • 16:31(IST)

    Such incidents should be dealt with complicated hand: Punjab CM


    Punjab Chief Minister, Parkash Singh Badal condemned a conflict on a army base during Uri, stating that the republic has a wilful Prime Minister who would give a fitting respond to those endangered in a apprehension strike.


    Lauding a BJP-led central government, Badal pronounced that the NDA supervision was entirely committed to uphold a supervision of a republic and strengthen its borders by foiling such attacks. 


    Badal pronounced such incidents contingency be dealt with a complicated hand to equivocate any hazard to a togetherness and firmness of a nation.

  • 16:19(IST)

    A comparison infantry officer pays tribute to a soldiers killed in Uri attack, during a rite in Srinagar on Monday. In one of a misfortune fidayeen conflict on the Indian Army in new years, a genocide fee on Monday shot adult to 18 after another soldier, K Vikas Janardhan, succumbed to his injuries during a RR Hospital in New Delhi.


    The arch ministers of several states have announced financial assistance to a family of a martyrs, and a Centre has betrothed unrelenting movement opposite those obliged for the terror attack. 



  • 16:06(IST)

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar, NSA Ajit Doval and Army arch General Dalbir Singh Suhaag during his executive chateau in New Delhi on Monday. 


    According to reports, Modi and his ministers motionless opposite any knee-jerk greeting to a Uri attacks, However, PM Modi and his cupboard of ministers determine that Pakistan contingency be removed on a universe stage. 

  • 15:56(IST)

    Another infantryman succumbs to injuries: Death fee now 18


    Sepoy K Vikas Janardhan, who was airlifted to a Army Research and Referral Hospital after being critically harmed in a Uri attack, succumbed to injuries today, lifting a fee in a apprehension strike to 18.


    Two other critically harmed soldiers have also been airlifted to a infantry sanatorium in New Delhi.

  • 15:52(IST)

    Modi underneath vigour to live upto his 2014 check promise: Show Pak that India isn’t a soothing power


    Modi on Monday conferred with his comparison ministers, confidence and infantry advisers and other experts as his supervision sought to qualification an “appropriate response” to Sunday’s apprehension conflict on a Uri army castle in Jammu and Kashmir. The attack, one of a biggest targeting a Indian Army in new years, and quick blamed on Pakistan, resulted in a deaths of 18 soldiers and estimable repairs to infantry skill only a few kilometres from a Line of Control with Pakistan.


    With calls ascent from inside a statute BJP that India should “teach a lesson” to Pakistan — with one comparison celebration strategist Ram Madhav perfectionist “for one tooth, a finish jaw” — Modi is underneath vigour to live adult to his 2014 choosing debate tongue of display Pakistan that India is not a “soft power” and would give a “befitting reply” to any attacks on a country. Expectations of suitable movement were lifted when Modi himself pronounced shortly after a conflict that “I assure a republic that those behind this inhuman conflict will not go unpunished”, while a Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, a ideological root of a party, pronounced that “terrorists, their masters and their supporters should be dealt with resolutely and conclusively”.


    Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar also pronounced he had asked Army Chief, Gen. Dalbir Singh, to take movement opposite “those obliged for a attack”.


    There were arguments for and opposite a retaliatory infantry action, even a “punitive opposite attack”, as many infantry analysts are demanding. There were several fight scenarios being drawn out in South Block’s house bedrooms with one former ubiquitous suggesting on TV that India should not be seen “pussyfooting” anymore as it had “conventional superiority” and could understanding with infantry exigencies.


    With a universe examination anxiously, and unfamiliar embassies monitoring a “flashpoint situation” closely, Pakistan Defence Minister Khawaja Asif’s matter that Pakistan will not demur to use “tactical arch weapons” if a need arose and that “horses should be ready” for movement has led to a building adult of a moving conditions in a subcontinent with indeterminate consequences.


    After a spate of high-level visits on Sunday, including by a Defence Minister and a Army Chief, Home Secretary Rajiv Mehrishi was drifting to Srinagar on Monday to examination a confidence conditions in Jammu and Kashmir with a tip infantry and polite officials in a state government, an executive source pronounced here. 


    The Valley has been excitable given a 8 Jul murdering of belligerent commander Burhan Wani, with a roughly constant protests ensuing in tighten to 90 deaths, including that of 3 policemen, and over 11,000 injuries.


    Mehrishi will be also call on a state Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti and Governor NN Vohra. Mehrishi is approaching to attend a array of meetings with officials of a state government, army, infantry and paramilitary forces, a source added.

  • 15:46(IST)

    Three lessons for India from Uri attack


    No comprehension disaster this time, experts have pronounced though many reports have cited examples that proves that there were critical confidence lapses. Prakash Nanda, in this piece, speaks to General Raj Mehta, a military veterans, who pronounced it is unequivocally worrisome how and where breaches in confidence occurred to concede unchallenged entrance to a fidayeen to a bottom or stay for so many kilometres inside a Indian territory.


    Nanda, in his piece, suggests immediate need of a hour is to brand and block these breaches. Besides, it is utterly probable that there are sleeper cells in a area, that a internal Police are incompetent to understanding with.

  • 15:29(IST)

    Mamata Banerjee tweets, condemns Uri attack

  • 15:27(IST)

    Attackers had pivotal information: Intel sources


    Over a past week, during slightest 4 vital infiltration bids were reported – Nowgam in Baramulla; Poonch where one policeman was harmed and dual instances of army foiling infiltration bids during Gurez and Tangdhar. 

    Speaking to TOI, comprehension organisation sources pronounced that Pakistan was upto something in Uri. Uri zone is where a “changeover of infantry was in progress” and according to officials enemy presumably had before information.

  • 15:23(IST)

  • 15:23(IST)

    Prithvi Raj Chavan said attackers had sufficient info about a stay in Uri

  • 15:22(IST)

    Rs 5 lakh ex-gratia to 3 martyred soldiers in Uri from Bihar


    Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar announced Rs 5 lakh ex-gratia any to 3 soldiers, hailing from Bihar, who were killed in a apprehension conflict during Uri. Nitish Kumar also announced to settle full state honour to a 3 martyred soldiers, who belonged to a Bihar regiment.


    The martyred soldiers have been identified as S K Vidyarthi from Gaya, Rakesh Singh from Kaimur and Ashok Kumar Singh from Ara in Bhojpur district. The CM pronounced in an executive matter that while apportion in-charge of a district of Kaimur and Gaya would be benefaction during a cremation of Rakesh Singh and S K Vidyarthi respectively, a arise of Ashok Kumar Singh in Ara would be attended by Industries apportion Jai Kumar Singh.


    Kumar uttered low grief over a apprehension conflict that left 17 jawans passed on Sunday. “The republic will always remember their martyrdom,” a arch minister said.

  • 15:11(IST)

    Another infantryman succumbs to injuries, genocide fee during 18

    ANI reported that Sepoy K Vikas Janardhan has succumbed to his injuries during a RR Hospital in New Delhi. The genocide fee has now risen to 18.

  • 15:09(IST)

    Who will a govt punish? asks Congress

  • 15:08(IST)

    We design all kind of assistance from India: Baloch representative

    Abdul Bugti, Baloch representative, told CNN-News18, “We are gtoing to take assistance from coutnries like India and Bangladesh.”

    “We are awaiting all kind of assistance from India: tactful help, dignified support. They have highlited a emanate in a UN. We wish India also highlights a emanate in a UN General Assembly,” he said.

  • 15:06(IST)

    Maharashtra govt announces financial assist for families of martyrs

    According to ANI, Maharashtra supervision announced financial assist of Rs 15 lakh any for a families of soldiers from Maharashtra who were martyred in a attack.

  • 14:59(IST)

    Baloch personality decides to record haven papers to India

  • 14:55(IST)

    Meanwhile, China expresses regard over Kashmir issue

    China uttered regard over a “escalation” of assault and “rising temperatures” in Kashmir after a Uri apprehension conflict and called on India and Pakistan to solve their differences by discourse and lift counter-terrorism cooperation.

    Expressing startle over a Uri attack, Chinese Foreign Ministry orator Lu Kang said, “We wish to demonstrate a low sympathies and condolences to a shabby families and a injured.”

    “We have remarkable applicable reports. We are repelled by this attack,” Lu told media lecture here when asked about India’s claim that Pakistan-based belligerent organisation Jaish-e-Muhammad’s impasse in a attack.

    “China opposes and strongly condemns all forms of terrorism. We are endangered about this escalation and rising temperatures surrounding Kashmir situation,” he said. – PTI

  • 14:45(IST)

    PM Narendra Modi assembly with Rajnath, Jaitley, Doval gives curtsy to diplomatically besiege Pakistan during any general grouping.

  • 14:43(IST)

    Those on watchman avocation in Uri weren’t alert? 


    During a confidence examination assembly by Rajnath Singh, a possibillity that those on ensure avocation competence not have been amply alert, came up. Those who attended a assembly concluded that it was a critical relapse in perspective of a doctrine from Pathankot where a fidayeen patrol of Jaish infiltrated a strategically essential atmosphere base.

    Speaking to The Times of India, an Army officer said, “All probable lapses on partial of a Army, that was in assign of guarding both a LoC and bottom perimeter, are subjects of a minute enquiry.”

  • 14:33(IST)

    ‘India only wants to denounce Pakistan’


    “Assisted by a cunning media, a Indian domestic and confidence investiture is scandalous for conceptualizing weird pseudo operations so that it could denounce Pakistan in a eyes of a world, settlement general support and to cover adult a comprehension failures,” The News International wrote. 

    Another essay in The News International settled that sources in a Pakistani confidence investiture pronounced that a Uri conflict was “a Pathankot-like Indian-staged play to wail a terrorism mantra opposite Pakistan” and a corps domicile in Uri was “chosen deliberately to antagonize a Sikhs from ancillary a Muslims’ onslaught in Kashmir”.

    The Dawn, on a other hand, was somewhat reduction fanatical. It merely indicted India of destablising a region.

  • 14:27(IST)

    Pakistan media’s weird greeting to Uri apprehension attack

    While a universe came together to reject a dishonourable conflict in Uri, Pakistan media had a different, and a rather weird mount on Sunday’s apprehension attack. The Pakistan media blamed India for a Uri attacks, observant a timing was questionable given it coincided with Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif streamer to a UN General Assembly to pronounce about Kashmir.


    Perhaps a many antacid remarks opposite India were done in an essay in The News International patrician ‘Uri conflict is an further to RAW failures’. “The Indian domestic and confidence investiture is scandalous for conceptualizing weird pseudo operations so that it could denounce Pakistan in a eyes of a world,” pronounced a article.

  • 14:23(IST)

    ‘India should boost support for Baloch liberation’


    Latest reports contend that a Cabinet ministers have suggested that India should Increase support for Baloch release and repay Pakistan in kind. However, Firstpost was not means to determine a sincerity of this information. 


  • 14:17(IST)

    Do not compensate mind to Pakistan’s reaction: Kiren Rijiju


    India will delicately confirm a destiny march of movement in a emanate of a apprehension conflict in Uri and will not do anything on a basement of what Pakistan says, Union Minister Kiren Rijiju said.


    “We contingency not compensate mind to Pakistan’s reaction. Everything is in front of a people. We will take a subsequent stairs carefully. It does not matter what Pakistan says,” he told reporters here.

  • 14:15(IST)

    Lacunae that led to Uri attacks needs to be probed: VK Singh


    Union Minister and former army arch V K Singh pronounced a “lacunae” that led to a conflict during an army bottom in Uri need to be investigated even as he suggested a Indian Army to confirm on a response “coolly” with correct planning. “Having seen a army closely, we feel, it needs to be analysed as to what happened there…It needs to be investigated how a occurrence took place and what were a lacunae,” a Minister of State for External Affairs said.


    “…from a army’s side, application is required. The Kashmir conditions needs to be suspicion about. The movement has to be taken though removing shabby by emotions, anger. It has to be taken coolly and with correct planning,” Singh said. He also pronounced Modi, Rajnath Singh and Arun Jaitley have already oral about a movement that will be taken.


    “(That action) we will leave it to a government,” he added.

  • 14:07(IST)

    Uri is PM Modi’s failure: Shiv Sena


    Stating that unfamiliar nations would not do anything to assistance India on a issue, Shiv Sena editorial said that if Pakistan could use 4 terrorists to wreak massacre because India can't use a confidence army to strike Pakistan.


    The Sena pronounced that merely decorating coffins of martyred soldiers or usurpation condolences from unfamiliar nations would not offer a purpose. Instead, giving faith to a confidence army is a need of a hour.


    “Terrorist attacks have turn unchanging in Jammu and Kashmir. Whose disaster is this? Modi competence continue to emanate warnings though a doubt is how most and when would Pakistan compensate mind to them?” a Sena said.

  • 14:06(IST)

    Modi might not attend Saarc Summit 


    Prime Minister Narendra Modi is doubtful to attend a Saarc Summit in Islamabad, according to a sources in a supervision said. It was learnt that a preference was taken before a Uri apprehension conflict though now after a occurrence it is roughly certain that Modi is doubtful to attend a meet.

    It is nonetheless to be famous that who will attend a accommodate from India to place adequate difference with explanation to advise that Uri terrorists indeed came from Pakistan. The supervision will also lift a Pakistan apprehension issues during a 71st event of a United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) scheduled to be reason on Sep 26 in New York. External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj will chateau a UNGA and she is approaching to make a clever debate on how Pakistan is regulating terrorists to destabilize India’s assent and development.

  • 14:03(IST)

  • 14:03(IST)

    India should call Pakistan’s arch bluff


    India has a wide-range of options to chose from when it comes to retaliating opposite Pakistan. For one, India should call Pakistan’s arch bluff. 


    India, for too prolonged now, has authorised a demographically small, economically diseased and a malicious, irresponsible, unsuccessful brute state to reason us to release over a arch bogey, writes Sreemoy. Read a full essay here. 

  • 14:00(IST)

    Timing of Uri conflict is startling though a shining pierce by Pakistan


    The apprehension conflict during Uri comes during a time when heads of governments are scheduled to accommodate during a United Nations General Assembly starting Monday. Sreemoy Talukdar of Firstpost argues in this square that a apprehension conflict during this connection is surprising, it also is a shining pierce on Pakistan’s part.

    “Islamabad, or some-more rightly Rawalpindi, is gambling on a well-considered probability that a Uri conflict will impel India into a knee-jerk response that it competence afterwards feat to a advantage to go with a criticism of “Indian hardship in Kashmir”. Given a fact that a West would certainly try to defuse a tragedy between a arch neighbours would meant that India would be during a receiving finish of tellurian vigour to “show restraint” and “act responsibly”. Advice to such outcome was already being administered by United States commentators on Sunday evening.”

  • 13:53(IST)

    Protests mangle out in Bihar 

  • 13:52(IST)

    Centre competence call for an all-party meet


    Centre is anticipating that all vital domestic parties will be onboard with whatever preference a Modi supervision takes opposite a perpetrators of a Uri attack. Reports also pronounced that a Centre competence call for an all-party assembly to plead a destiny march of action. 


    “No deicision will be taken in a hurry,” sources told TV channels. The executive care also hoped that Uri apprehension conflict won’t be politicised for spirit points. 

  • 13:49(IST)

    Families of slain soldiers react


    Speaking to ANI, relations of a infantryman who died in Sunday’s Uri conflict said, “He died for country, it’s not a unhappy thing.”

  • 13:44(IST)

    No indicate in building general image: Sena tells PM 


    “One has to accept that a conditions currently is worse than what was during a Congress regime. At a time when pro-Pakistan sloganeering is on in Jammu and Kashmir and Pakistani flags are being hoisted there, a Centre should disintegrate a state supervision and levy ‘martial law’ there as President’s (Governor’s) order wouldn’t suffice,” Sena pronounced in an editorial in a spokesman ‘Saamana’.


    “Pakistan has waged an open fight opposite India now, while we can't do anything solely emanate warnings. The examine into a Pathankot apprehension conflict too did not outcome in any movement opposite that country,” it said.


    “Why are we acid for explanation of Pakistan’s impasse in this apprehension attack? This explanation has no value during a general level. If we (Modi) do not have a bravery to strike Pakistan like a US did to discharge Osama Bin Laden, there is no use of building an general image,” it added.

  • 13:43(IST)

    Sena needles PM over Uri attack, says conditions worse than Congress rule


    In a bid to needle PM Narendra Modi over a Uri apprehension attack, Shiv Sena pronounced a conditions has turn worse than that underneath a before Congress regime and if a Prime Minister is incompetent to strike Pakistan and discharge terrorists, his practice of building a tellurian picture will infer futile.


    The Sena also called for retraction of a supervision in Jammu and Kashmir and deception of martial law in a state to sternly understanding with a terrorists and pro-Pakistan elements.


    Striking a hawkish posture, Sena pronounced Pakistan has waged an open fight opposite India with this conflict and a try to accumulate explanation of a impasse will produce no outcome internationally.

  • 13:38(IST)

    ‘Military descent opposite Uri apprehension conflict will be knee-jerk’


    CNN-News18 reports inside sum of a high-level assembly between PM Modi, Rajnath Singh, Arun Jaitley and NSA Ajit Doval. According to reports, a care pronounced that a infantry descent will be a knee-jerk greeting and India competence refrain from something like that. The some-more doable options are an artillery descent during a Line of Control on apprehension camps. 


    Discussing India’s opposite to Uri masterminds, comparison Cabinet ministers pronounced that a tactful descent during a arriving UN accommodate in New York will be India’s evident response. “Intelligence-based descent targetting Uri masterminds is doable too,” sources told CNN-News18.

  • 13:34(IST)


    Deplorable that Rajnath chose to blame Pakistan even before to conducting a proper investigation: Sartaj Aziz


    Reacting to Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s matter that Pakistan is a “terrorist state” and should be isolated, Sartaj Aziz, confidant to Pakistan Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs on Monday, said that it was abominable that a Indian apportion chose to blame Pakistan for a occurrence even before to conducting a proper investigation. 


    “The matter is partial of a settlement to trick world opinion and cover adult India’s power of apprehension in Kashmir, he said.  

  • 13:27(IST)

    We wish that a supervision will take unrelenting movement opposite this: Amitabh Bachchan

  • 13:25(IST)

    India ludicrous courtesy from Kashmir: Sartaj Aziz

    Pakistan on Monday indicted India of misleading a universe opinion to cover adult a “reign of terror” in Kashmir by a spate of “vitriolic” and “unsubstantiated” statements.


    “Pakistan has remarkable with critical regard a new spate of sarcastic and unsubstantiated statements emanating from Indian polite and infantry care in a emanate of yesterday’s attack” in Uri, Sartaj Aziz, a confidant to Pakistan Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs, said.


    He pronounced Pakistan definitely rejects a groundless and irresponsible accusations being leveled by comparison officials in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Government.


    “It is a blatant try on India’s partial to deflect attention from a quick deteriorating charitable and human rights situation in Kashmir given a genocide of Hizbul commander Burhan Wani,” Aziz said. 


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In one of a deadliest attacks on a Army in new years, 17 jawans were killed and 19 others harmed as heavily armed militants stormed a corps domicile of a force in North Kashmir’s Uri city early on Sunday. Four militants endangered in a apprehension strike were killed by a Army. Heavily armed militants stormed a corps domicile of a Army. Explosions and gunfire erupted as a militants pounded a camp, that is located hardly few metres divided from a Army’s Brigade Headquarters in Uri town, 102 kms from Srinagar, around 4 am on Sunday, executive sources said.

The jawans of a Dogra Regiment were sleeping in a tent that reason glow due a explosion. The glow also engulfed a circuitously barracks, a sources said. 17 jawans were killed in a apprehension attack, a Northern Command of a Army said. Nineteen other crew were harmed in a strike in that 4 militants were killed.

“A organisation of heavily armed terrorists targeted a back executive bottom of a section during Uri, Kashmir. In a opposite action, 4 terrorists have been separated and combing operations are in progress,” a Army pronounced in a statement. “The executive bottom had vast strength of infantry of units branch over after their debate of avocation who were stationed in tents/temporary shelters that reason fire, and resulted in complicated casualties. We salute a scapegoat of 17 soldiers who were martyred in a operation,” a matter said.

Helicopters from a Army’s 19 local domicile in Baramulla have been pulpy into use and a harmed Army crew have been evacuated from a confront site, a sources said. Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar and Army Chief Gen Dalbir Singh Suhag are rushing to Kashmir in a arise of apprehension conflict in Uri.

Army soldiers rush to a conflict site in Uri. PTIArmy soldiers rush to a conflict site in Uri. PTI

Army soldiers rush to a conflict site in Uri. PTI

The Home Minister has also called an puncture assembly to examination a conditions outset out of a apprehension attack. The conflict comes dual years after militants had carried out a identical form of conflict during Mohra in a same area. Ten confidence crew were killed in a conflict that took place on Dec 5, 2014.

It is believed that a conflict was a handiwork of a creatively infiltrated organisation of militants who could have entered along a Salamabad Nallah into a town. The Home Minister has deferred his scheduled revisit to Russia and a United States in a arise of a conflict in Uri and a disturbance in Jammu and Kashmir.

Singh also spoke to a Jammu and Kashmir Governor and Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti on a conditions outset out of a apprehension strike in Uri. The Home Minister was scheduled to leave for Russia tonight for a four-day shared revisit and after to a US on Sep 26 for a six-day debate to attend a Indo-US Homeland Security Dialogue. “Keeping a conditions of Jammu and Kashmir in mind and in a arise of apprehension conflict in Uri, we have deferred my visits to Russia and a US,” he pronounced in a matter here.

The Home Minister pronounced he has oral to Governor N N Vohra and a Chief Minister and discussed with them a conditions outset out of conflict on a Army Brigade Headquarters in Uri and both of them familiar him of a altogether conditions in Jammu and Kashmir. “I have given instructions to Home Secretary (Rajiv Mehrishi) and other officers in a Home Ministry to closely guard a conditions in Jammu and Kashmir,” he said.

The Home Minister also called an puncture assembly to examination a conditions outset out of a conflict on a Brigade Headquarters in Uri. National Security Adviser Ajit Doval, a Union Home Secretary, tip Army, paramilitary and Home Ministry officials are attending it. The Home Minister has deferred his scheduled revisit to Russia and a United States in a arise of a conflict in Uri and a disturbance in Jammu and Kashmir.

Singh also spoke to a Jammu and Kashmir Governor and Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti on a conditions outset out of a apprehension strike in Uri. “Keeping a conditions of Jammu and Kashmir in mind and in a arise of apprehension conflict in Uri, we have deferred my visits to Russia and a US,” he pronounced in a matter here.

The Home Minister pronounced he has oral to Governor N N Vohra and a Chief Minister and discussed with them a conditions outset out of conflict on a Army Brigade Headquarters in Uri and both of them familiar him of a altogether conditions in Jammu and Kashmir. “I have given instructions to Home Secretary (Rajiv Mehrishi) and other officers in a Home Ministry to closely guard a conditions in Jammu and Kashmir,” he said.

The Home Minister also called an puncture assembly to examination a conditions outset out of a conflict on a Brigade Headquarters in Uri. National Security Advisor Ajit Doval, a Union Home Secretary, tip Army, paramilitary and Home Ministry officials are attending a meeting.