US wonders: Why stolen information on sovereign workers not for sale?

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By TED BRIDIS, Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Associated Press has schooled that a Obama administration is increasingly assured that China’s government, not rapist hackers, is obliged for a unusual burglary of personal information about as many as 14 million stream and former sovereign employees and others.

One denote is that nothing of a information has been credibly offering for sale on subterraneous markets renouned among veteran temperament thieves.

Two people concerned in a review told a AP a U.S. is examination subterraneous markets and anticipating no snippet of a information stolen from a Office of Personnel Management.

The U.S. says that is surreptitious justification that espionage is indeed a motive, not fraud. China has denied it was involved.

Those concerned in a examine spoke on condition of anonymity since tools of a box are classified.

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