Vaavud, a start-up with a breeze in the sails

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Technologist visits former DTU tyro Andreas Okholm to follow adult on this breeze scale he got a thought for 4 years ago, that has spin a fast-rising start-up named Vaavud. Vaavud is an intelligent meteorological data-collection system. This DTU’s spin-off judgment is to daub into information collected by smartphones to urge a correctness of continue predictions.

Vaavud’s group recently staid down in a start-up encampment also famous as Founders house, where they share an bureau with 28 other earnest immature companies.

Who’s behind Vaavud?

“We are 3 co-founders: Thomas Helms (CEO), Maria Koerner Nissen (CFO) takes caring of a financial aspects, and I’m a CTO. In short, we understanding with all a technical stuff.”

What’s your background?

“I reason a Master’s grade in Engineering Design and Applied Mechanics from Technical University of Denmark. But it’s already during my Bachelor’s in Design and Innovation that we started operative on this breeze scale thought as my topic plan to pattern a smartphone appendage for foe associated activities. we came up with several ideas of how to combine sensors, smartphones and sport. Among them, a breeze scale was a best one to be used by surfers and sailors to share breeze information.”

What’s a judgment of your breeze meter?

“The initial Vaavud breeze scale is Mjolnir. The judgment is simple: no electronic guts, only tough cosmetic and magnets. Using a built-in captivating sensor of a smartphone it can magnitude a breeze speed. When a breeze moves a cosmetic cups, a smartphone’s possess captivating sensor keeps lane of a speed of a rotation.”


What about a amicable part?
“The social partial is really a large partial of it now. That was a strange thought 4 years ago. When we open a app, a map is during a centre, so we can see other people’s measurements right away. Getting information about a breeze condition is a primary target, and we’re operative on a customized presentation system, in sequence for we to know when a conditions are, but carrying to go and check yourself. If we gome to some place for a certain form of foe activity, there are high chances that there will be other users in that area. We mix information formed on a continue foresee and measurements from on-site users to get a hyper internal and some-more accurate predictions.”

What made the tyro plan spin into a business venture?

“I didn’t start a association true away: I completed my Master’s grade and several business courses where Vaavud actually started elaborating in a team. Then we participated in a start-up foe called ‘Venture Cup’, and we won in a category, that also meant 50,000 DKK (€6,700) and publicity. After finishing a studies abroad, both Maria and we came behind to Denmark and welcomed a new co-founder, Thomas. Shortly after, we launched a Kickstarter campaign, and we succeeded! We managed lifting £28,000 (€38,000) and that lonesome a losses for creation a cosmetic mold that we indispensable to get Vaavud Mjolnir – a initial breeze meter, made for a 1000 backers we had during that point.”

How’s a marketplace doing?

“We started carrying several competitors, that is always a good pointer [laughs].”

How does Vaavud mount out?

“We strongly concentration on a program and a users’ feedback. Another item is our second generation wind meter, VaavudSleipnir. By regulating an visual sensor we can now also lane a breeze direction. The appendage communicates with your phone around sound waves, that are translated by Vaavud’s app into breeze direction. It uses no power, and indeed talks wirelessly to your phone around a built-in captivating margin sensor of your smartphone.We launched Sleipnir thanks to a new Kickstarter campaign. Again successfully, so we released it in Feb this year.”

What’s next?

“One of a visions for a app is to add a SDK (Software Development Kit) that could integrate other apps, like ballistics, archery, fishing or golf apps.

Another sparkling thing entrance up: Vaavud has captivated seductiveness from corporate clients in a cultivation industry. A corner plan with a Swedish rural shelter Lantmännen Maskin AB consecrated a start-up to build a tradition resolution for measuring breeze speed, to assist farmers approve with Sweden’s new, tighter reserve mandate per a use of pesticides and fertilizers for crops.”

Source: DTU