Vancouver Gransville Island Turkey Trot Takes Place Tomorrow

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Photo: turkeytrotrun on Instagram

From fry turkey to pumpkin pie, Thanksgiving is packaged with tasty dishes that make it tough to conflict a titillate of indulging but guilt. Although it is flattering common to container a few pounds during a holiday, we shouldn’t have to exclude those tasty desserts after adding a turkey run to your Thanksgiving traditions. Instead of feeling dull after your Thanksgiving feast, Vancouver locals are means to exam their continuation and give behind to a internal village during a 20th annual turkey run on Gransville Island.

Annually attracting over 1,000 runners from Van City and beyond, a eventuality is orderly by a RUNVAN charity, that strives to enthuse an active lifestyle while ancillary a Greater Vancouver Food Bank. If you’re adult for a challenge, make this year’s Thanksgiving a rewarding one, as we can bake off those additional calories during a 10K run opposite Vancouver’s renouned peninsula. Before creation your approach to a finish line, a lane follows a waterfront trail along a southern corner of False Creek. Afterwards, families can applaud a holiday with giveaway food and live entertainment.

While many people tumble into a food coma after a holiday, a turkey run is a approach to stay in figure over Thanksgiving. The soaring high image of food that typically embodies Thanksgiving shouldn’t keep we from staying on track. After all, it competence even put we in a right mindset to abandon that second cut of pie!