Vanguard of quantum society

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A hundred years ago, Niels Bohr and a series of other physicists revolutionized a notice of a world. They showed that a healthy laws that request during a atomic turn are opposite to those in exemplary physics.

“We are now confronting another quantum revolution, where quantum mechanics is being translated into a series of new technologies with good unsentimental stress for society,” says Ulrik Lund Andersen, Professor at DTU Physics.

He heads DTU’s new Center of Excellence: a Center for Macroscopic Quantum States as good as a interdisciplinary centre Quantum DTU, that brings together imagination from 10 departments opposite a University. The centre is focusing on quantum sensors and communication, and aims to position DTU as a personality in investigate and preparation in a margin of quantum technology.

Inexplicable regulating exemplary physics 
Quantum mechanics hurdles a ability to consider abstractly. For example, it is generally supposed in quantum mechanics that a molecule can be in superposition—that is, in several places during a same time. If we magnitude a position in an experiment, we will find usually one sold position, though this is insincere to be a evil of a dimensions itself—and does not change a fact that a molecule was indeed in dual or some-more places during a same time.

Quantum mechanics also allows an atom to be in dual opposite appetite states during a same time. Another pivotal component of quantum mechanics is that a facile particles not usually have mass and charge, though also ‘spin’, that can't be explained regulating exemplary physics. In a past, quantum automatic phenomena have especially meddlesome physicists, though in new years engineers have also entered a fray, as a series of unsentimental applications have turn apparent.

“For example, computers that feat quantum mechanics phenomena would be means to solve rarely formidable tasks that typical computers will never be means to solve,” says Ulrik Lund Andersen.

Great intensity for Danish industry
Quantum computers are not approaching to be a existence for 20-30 years. However, a series of other quantum technologies will be prepared before then,” records Ulrik Lund Andersen:

“At DTU Physics we are essentially operative on building quantum record that guarantees secure information send and quantum sensors that concede intensely accurate measurements. We are clever in these dual areas, and there is a combined advantage that they are both tighten to a blurb market. This will substantially be where we see a initial products and new companies formed on quantum mechanics.”
Ulrik Lund Andersen records that a dual quantum technologies for secure communication and improved sensors are also elemental to a growth of a quantum computer.

Source: DTU

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