Vasundhara Raje-Lalit Modi scandal: Lose-lose conditions for BJP, though not for PM Modi

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First they pronounced private matters should be kept apart from celebration matters, afterwards they questioned a sincerity of a papers ferreted out by journalists, afterwards they sought to slight it down to a Congress vs BJP issue, afterwards they sought to scream out all panelists in radio channels, and finally they have motionless to contemptuous it out. The BJP has attempted all tricks in a book yet a media, scandalous for a brief courtesy span, is proof uncharacteristically devoted in a box of Vasundhara Raje. Always skilful during handling a media, a celebration seems to have mislaid a tract this time.

It can still review to a tested manifest and sound effects to squirm out of a situation. Maybe a aphorism like ‘ab ki baar no bhrastachaar’ or ‘desh mein new kranti, no hanky-panky’, and a well-televised inhabitant anti-corruption day involving supervision servants, ministers and students? It could good work, yet a slogans could be improved. But it does not seem a celebration will go that far. It would have worked had a competition been a domestic party. The media is a opposite plea altogether. Even a confirmed reporters will not assistance much.

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So what choice does it have? It can mount by Raje, claiming as it has started doing already, that her traffic with Lalit Modi competence emanate of impropriety and be ethically wrong, yet she has finished zero illegal. Or it can dump her and concede her to collect a chairman of her choice for a tip pursuit in Rajasthan. Either way, it’s a lose-lose scenario. If it decides to contemptuous it out, a BJP loses a vicious advantage it has over other parties, quite a Congress, on a emanate of corruption. It will have to lift a cranky over a subsequent 4 years and by essential open elections. It will also have to scapegoat a goodwill it enjoys in a media.

If it chooses to ask Raje to quit, a impact could be many deeper. It competence be forced to take identical movement opposite other ministers indicted of acts of impropriety if not crime as good – it can't be seen to be picking a selecting whom it wants to punish. The party’s classification will rise low fissures in a eventuality of this. Further, after tasting blood, an emboldened antithesis competence afterwards start focusing on other BJP arch ministers and Union ministers. Shivraj Singh Chouhan in Madhya Pradesh and Raman Singh in Chhattisgarh could simply be a subsequent targets. The states are also a ones in that a celebration is many vulnerable.

Whichever approach a celebration acts, it appears a extended honeymoon duration it enjoyed after a fantastic feat in May 2014 is finally over. It’s time for reality. The Congress mislaid a notice conflict in 2014 and suffered a misfortune ever defeat. The same conflict has begun for a BJP now, and familiar slogans and mega events competence not assistance it much.

The Vasundhara Raje part has attacked it of many of a large articulate points. It is expected to simulate in a arriving open elections, including that of Bihar after this year. The BJP’s domestic opponents have not finished anything fantastic to grow in open esteem, yet they can wish to benefit if it fails to yield that feelgood knowledge again.

Interestingly, while a celebration suffers detriment of credibility, a usually chairman who is expected to come out protection and stronger from a latest growth is Prime Minister Narendra Modi. By vouchsafing a celebration to take a call on Vasundhara, he has distant himself from a matter. His Manmohan Singh-like overpower competence have invited gibe from a media, yet it indeed does his picture some-more good than bad.

In a arriving elections a BJP will have to bank on his glamour some-more than ever before. Fractures in a grand amicable fondness that ensured a success of a BJP final year are manifest already. To repeat a opening a celebration will need a unifying Modi sorcery once more.

And yes, in perspective of a altered conditions a celebration contingency renovate a media strategy. Acting holier-than-thou won’t work any more.