Versatile NFC Card Emulator

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ChameleonMini is versatile NFC label emulator, log tool, and a RFID reader in a nearest future. The credit-card made ChameleonMini is a versatile apparatus for unsentimental NFC and RFID confidence analysis, correspondence and invasion tests, and several end-user applications. The openly programmable height can emanate clones of several existent blurb smartcards, including cryptographic functions and a Unique Identifier (UID).


It can be employed to consider confidence aspects in RFID and NFC environments in opposite conflict scenarios, such as replay or send attacks, state replacement attacks, sniffing of NFC communication, or organic tests of RFID equipment. New firmware for a ChameleonMini can be absolutely uploaded around a USB bootloader. A convenient, human-readable authority set allows to configure a function and refurbish a settings and calm of adult to 8 internally stored, virtualized contactless cards. During battery-powered stand-alone operation, a integrated buttons and LEDs capacitate user communication and feedback.



The new hardware to be grown supports:

  • Amplitude-Shift Keying (ASK) modulation (10% and 100%), can beget ASK or Binary Phase-Shift Keying (BPSK) bucket modulation with a subcarrier, and can decode a requests of an NFC reader.

The ChameleonMini hardware is able to obey various:

  • ISO 14443,
  • NFC,
  • and ISO 15693 cards,
  • as good as other forms of RFID transponders handling during 13.56 MHz.

Cards that a ChameleonMini can obey in element include:

  • NXP Mifare Classic, Plus, Ultralight, Ultralight C,
  • ntag, ICODE, DESfire / DESfire EV1, TI Tag-it, HID iCLASS, LEGIC Prime and Advant, Infineon my-d, and many other NFC tags.

Note that a open-source firmware will primarily usually support a subset of these tags. The ChameleonMini Rev.G hardware comprises a PCB antenna, that can be driven by energy transistors on a house to beget a 13.56 MHz RFID field. This will concede a Rev.G to work as a simple active RFID reader. An on-board Li-Ion battery can be recharged around USB and allows for stand-alone operation for approximately one hour.


The core of a hardware is shaped by an Atmel ATXMega128A4U microcontroller. It provides RF encoding and decoding functions, a USB interface. The AES and DES hardware engines in a microcontroller capacitate really quick mathematics of these cryptographic algorithms: In a tests, a ChameleonMini performs a 3DES in CBC mode (as used in Mifare DESfire cards) 3 times faster than a strange label (219µs vs. 690µs) and an AES-128 in “chained” CBC mode (as used in Mifare DESfire EV1 cards) 5 times faster than a strange label (438µs vs. 2.2ms). Emulating such cryptographic cards or transponders is usually probable meaningful a cryptographic keys. ChameleonMini is highly suitable for educational purposes, e.g., for RFID / NFC lab courses training unsentimental expertise starting from a earthy covering (encoding of zeroes and ones) until to a proof covering (protocols, state machine, crypto algorithms, memory management) for both RFID readers and NFC cards. 

The Kickstarter debate is already funded, backers can get one emulator with a oath of €49.  Estimated shipping is on Aug of 2016.



Source: Kickstarter