Video Of Clumsy, Excited Pup Proves Dogs Are Too Pure For This World

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Have we ever been so vehement about something that you’ve left full steam ahead, usually to destroy miserably or knowledge a vital letdown? If so, afterwards we can totally describe to this awkward pooch.

In a video shave below, a array longhorn brew can be seen jumping for fun as his favorite humans are home. So with all a excitement, a pumped fido attempts to thrust onto a couch, usually to skip it by a few inches, descending prosaic on his behind between a cot cushions and another seat.

But rather than uncover any arrange of defeat, a puppy gets adult and shakes it off. Having too most honour is overrated anyway!

I feel like this video is a ideal visible embellishment of anyone in their 20s perplexing to navigate life. Just saying.