Video of Police-Involved Shooting in Chicago Spurs Protest and Possible Gang Retaliation

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On Tuesday, Dec. 5, 2017, Chicago military officials were scheming for squad plea for a Jul sharpened of Paul O’Neal, an unarmed black teenager. One squad was reportedly going to use a sniper to take out officers.

O’Neal was shot during a automobile chase. He was not armed; therefore, it was a defilement of dialect process to fire during him during a chase. Video footage shows cruisers set adult a highway retard within city limits, Officers Michael Coughlin Jr. and Jose Torres shot during O’Neal, during tighten range, as he gathering around a vehicles. Another military car crashed into O’Neal conduct on. Then, officers chased him on feet while some-more shots were heard. O’Neal was on his stomach, handcuffed, and draining while officers discussed branch off their physique cameras. Officer Jose Diaz dismissed a deadly shot. O’Neal was 18 years aged and died from a gunshot wound to a back.

Diaz did not have his physique camera on during a time of a shooting, though it was incited on afterward, and he is listened saying he did not know if O’Neal was armed.

Torres dismissed during a Jaguar O’Neal was driving, once. Coughlin shot during a Jaguar 9 times and Diaz dismissed 5 shots in a backyard where O’Neal was killed.

When a video of a teen’s genocide was expelled protesters blocked a streets in downtown Chicago.
The video footage was a initial to be expelled underneath a new process saying such element is to be done open within 60 days. This new process was put into place after Laquan McDonald was shot 16 times. It took months for that video to be released.

The conduct of a internal military kinship blames Michael Oppenheimer, a profession for a O’Neal family, for creation statements that keep people dismissed up.

“We had inflammatory and fake tongue entrance from [Michael Oppenheimer] and statements that weren’t true.” The boss of Lodge 7 of a Fraternal Order of Police Dean Angelo said,

You also have a lead questioner in police-involved deaths articulate about how intolerable and unfortunate this is.

Eddie Johnson, Chicago Police superintendent, certified a officers were during error since they dismissed during a car O’Neal was pushing and he was not armed. Johnson nude a officers concerned of their “police powers,” a preference upheld by Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Johnson settled that a officer whose physique camera was not on, had usually been regulating a apparatus for a week and was uncertain how it operated. However, demonstrators found that response too available given he is a one who dismissed a deadly shot.

Demonstrators were led by a organisation of orderly Chicago high propagandize girls, according to CBS. They collected in Millennium Park Sunday. Ashanti Lumpkin, age 17, addressed a crowd.

We are here currently fighting for a people, 6 feet under, whose genocide lighted a generation. We are here currently to quarrel so a subsequent era won’t have to. We are here currently to let them know that we will not go away. We will not be silenced. And we will keep fighting until probity is won. Enough is enough.

Maxine Wint, criticism organizer, settled that once she saw a video and a greeting of a officers, she felt like their lives did not matter. A common response to officer-involved shootings.

According to a news in a Chicago Sun-Times, leaders from 3 West Side gangs met to tract their punish on a Chicago Police Department. Black Disciples, Vice Lords, and Four Corner Hustlers met on Thursday.

The Four Corner Hustlers are holding a lead and providing weapons to a Black Disciples and Vice Lords, according to a Sun-Times. Reportedly a gangs will be deploying a sniper to fire several members of a Chicago Police Department.

Officers were warned to be observant and reminded of a Dallas sharpened debauch that killed 5 military officers in November. Military veteran, Micah Zavier Johnson ambushed a officers who were on avocation during a protest. The people were protesting a police-involved shootings of dual incarcerated African-Americans in Minnesota and Louisiana.

The Chicago Police Department did not criticism on a precautions being taken to keep officers protected from squad retaliation.

By Jeanette Smith


DailyMail: ‘Chicago gangs to muster SNIPER opposite police’: City on corner as armed groups ‘plan to kill cops in plea for sharpened of unarmed black teen Paul O’Nea
Chicago Tribune: Suit accuses Chicago military of order violations in Paul O’Neal shooting

Image Courtesy of Yumi Kimura’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

Video of Police-Involved Shooting in Chicago Spurs Protest and Possible Gang Retaliation combined by Jeanette Smith on Dec 10, 2017
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