Video Stabilization Technology

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SteadXP is video stabilization record that delivers 3 pivot stabilization. The device is  compatible with scarcely all digital cameras, including GoPro®*, DSLRs and cinema cameras. The built in accelerometer and gyroscope, lets your camera’s movements to be accurately available as we shoot. As your camera annals unstabilized video, in a same time the device saves all camera movements.


SteadXP@ fits inside GoPro®* waterproof case

Software will automatically upload, remove and routine datas to recompense for any unintended movements and will advise we to select between opposite trajectories already optimized for your shot, ensuing in opposite customary looks.

An advantage of this technology compared to 100% program solutions is quick processing.

Tech Specs

  • powerfull 32 bit ARM processor,
  • 3 pivot gyroscope,
  • 3 pivot accelerometer,
  • microSD label container (FAT16 / FAT32 category 4 min: 32 GB max),
  • USB connectivity (Mass Storage Device)


There are grown 2 versions of SteadXP, done privately for GoPro®* cameras, and SteadXP+ is designed to fit roughly any other video camera.

SteadXP+ is a 60 grams appendage concordant with scarcely all pro and semi-pro cameras. It requires:

  • an permitted peep mountain (standard coldshoe),
  • a stereo microphone input,
  • and a purify video outlay (AV Out or HDMI).





The plan debate is on the Kickstarter, and already reached the appropriation idea $150.000.



Source: Kickstarter