Vijay Rupani accuses Congress of formulating difference between opposite communities in Gujarat

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Ahmedabad: In an apparent conflict on Congress, Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani on Wednesday appealed a people of a state to combine opposite “elements” who are formulating difference between several communities.

File print of Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani. PTIFile print of Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani. PTI

File print of Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani. PTI

Rupani’s matter comes in a backdrop of a antithesis party’s support to a ongoing stirs by Dalits and Patel village in a state.

While inaugurating a ‘Shahid Van’, a mini-forest combined during a chronological place of Bhuchar Mori in Jamnagar district, Rupani urged a people to stay divided from those who are doing opinion bank politics, an central recover said.

“I interest people to get joined opposite those elements who are formulating difference between several communities to acquire energy by their opinion bank politics. We all should come together to travel a trail of development,” a Chief Minister said.

The fight of Bhuchar Mori was all about providing insurance to those who sought haven and assisting a needy, Rupani said, adding people need to take brazen this high tradition by rejecting those who are perplexing to emanate fight between several communities.

“Some people usually consider about themselves to acquire energy by offshoot or crook. But, we go to a land where people consider about a village initial before themselves. we am assured that 6 crore people of Gujarat will not let these elements attain in their intentions,” Rupani said.

The Gujarat Congress has stepped adult conflict on state BJP and a supervision over a emanate of Una dalit punishment box and Thangadh military banishment box of 2012.

Before that, Congress leaders came out in support of Patel share agitators and indicted a BJP supervision of suppressing a voice of a community.

The state Congress had on Tuesday organized a criticism convene in Gandhinagar perfectionist probity for dalits and termed a BJP supervision as “oppressive”.