Virtual Reality Heads-Up-Display Navigation Challenge

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A firefighter. Image credit: U.S. Air Force photo/ Airman 1st Class Greg Erwin / Public Domain

Join NIST for this sparkling VR (virtual reality) esteem foe regulating your ingenuity, program coding and VR imagination to emanate a judgment for a heads-up arrangement (HUD) with unfettered visible aids.  The outcome of theFirst Responder Virtual Reality (VR) Heads-up-Display (HUD) Navigation Challenge will support a open reserve village and a stakeholders.

You (the contestant) will showcase your VR skills and emanate a resolution that helps allege User Interface (UI) record by research.  UI is “the means by that a user and a record complement interact; including how users input, access, and navigate information and communications by a technology.”  Examples of UIs are haptic feedback mechanisms (e.g., sound, vibration), outspoken commands, and visible indicators (e.g., heads-up displays).  Historically, UI pattern has been extended and frequency targeted for Public Safety however, it’s vicious that initial responders finish their tasks well and effectively with smallest impediment.

NIST Public Safety Communications Research Program is hosting this 4-stage challenge, with esteem awards adult to $125,000 (prizes and travel) for a tip 7 designs. In further to a money prize, finalists will have vocalization engagements, networking opportunities, and paid transport to a 2018 PSCR Stakeholder conference. There are no fees or education to enter a initial stage.  The Stage 1 winning ideas will be authorised for remaining stages of a competition.


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