Visa Violations by Top Indian IT Firms Being Probed by Department of Labor

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Visa violations by Infosys and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), dual of a tip IT firms formed in India, are being probed by a U.S. Department of Labor. The agreement hold by these dual Indian companies with Southern California Edison, an electric application company, presumably violates a regulations for unfamiliar record workers. Recently, some-more than 500 record workers were laid off by a energy company. Many of a employees, who were laid off, after reported that they were done to sight their Indian replacements, who were holders of H-1B visas, and were brought into a U.S. by Indian IT firms Infosys and TCS. These are proxy work visas given by a U.S. supervision for professionals from all over a world. Senators Jeff Sessions, Alabama (R) and Richard Durbin, Illinois (D), common these sum after they were told by a dialect about this investigation.

This pierce from a Department of Labor comes within days after a news was published about a party giant, Walt Disney, carrying laid off hundreds of a employees, and transposed them with Indian workers holding H-1B visas. Close to 250 employees of Disney were sensitive in a month of October, 2014, that they would be laid off and all of their positions will be filled by Indian workers holding H-1B visas, who were being brought in by an India formed outsourcing firm.

The layoffs of workers and residents of a U.S. during a time when a economy is solemnly improving, has lifted questions about a ethics and ethics of these companies. It is now removing clearer that a outsourcing companies and businesses are misusing and abusing a supplies of H-1B visas by replacing a U.S. workforce in IT and other sectors with immigrants, operative for obtuse salaries and compensation. More information is approaching to follow about a review of visa violations committed by a tip IT firms formed in India under investigation by a U.S. Department of Labor.

By Ankur Sinha

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