#VishwaPappuDiwas: Yes, this is how internet distinguished Rahul Gandhi’s birthday

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Rahul Gandhi only can’t get a break. Not even on his birthday. From his waggish debate goof-ups to  his puzzling laugh after a Lok Sabha elections loss, a internet loves to fun with a jester king of… well, clowns.

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi. PTICongress vice-president Rahul Gandhi. PTI

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi. PTI

Rahul Gandhi incited 45 on Friday, and a internet stood adult in all a sardonic excellence to wish “pappu”.

Twitter and Facebook trolled Gandhi on his ‘janmadivas’, giving him a really special “mubarak ho”. The amicable media distinguished ‘#VishwaPappuDiwas’, for Gandhi like it always has. #VishwaPappuDiwas trended on Twitter and Facebook, while Rahul was left slicing a self-evident cake.

Some were only happy that Rahul ‘baba’ was in India and not out somewhere exotic, throwing a whack on his birthday.

Business Insider reported that a Congress celebration supporters and workers will cut a 45-kg birthday cake birthday cake outward Rahul Gandhi’s chateau and a way will be taken out to his chateau from Malcha Marg with flower flashy ‘rath’ and a review of cars ornate with celebration flags, banners and cut outs of a Congress vice-president.

On RaGa’s birthday, there was one who wished him in a normal manner. PM Narendra Modi tweeted out his wishes to Rahul Gandhi’s central account. Rahul too thanked him for a most indispensable “happy birthday”.