Volvo knows a approach to make lorry evacuate no CO2 – LNG to a rescue

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By now we substantially already know that diesel has a bad repute and is firm to go divided from European roads eventually. While for automobile attention and drivers it is not unequivocally a large deal, prolonged operation lorry manufacturers contingency find solutions. According to Volvo a good approach out of diesel record is liquefied healthy gas or biogas powered trucks.

Gas powered trucks can be used in informal long-haul applications – operation is adult to 1000 km. Image credit: Volvo Trucks

While a thought is not unique, Volvo managed to make a LNG powered Euro 6-compliant complicated avocation trucks have a same opening as diesel, while producing 20–100 % revoke CO2 emissions. Volvo FM LNG are already accessible for squeeze and can be effectively used in complicated informal and long-haul operations. One of a reasons because Volvo’s LNG trucks are so fit and environmentally accessible is a engine explosion cycle. The required Otto cycle engine, that is a common resolution for gas-powered vehicles, was transposed with Diesel cycle record with good formula in emissions and efficiency.

Volvo LNG trucks furnish a same energy and torque as diesel partial of a family – 460 hp gas engine delivers limit torque of 2300 Nm while a 420 hp chronicle produces 2100 Nm. They do, however, devour a same volume of fuel as diesel trucks, yet many reduction than other gas-powered alternatives. Depending on a gas used, lorry can furnish no CO2 during all. Biogas is radically purify when it comes out of a empty pipe, even yet CO footprint still exists on a prolongation side.

Because Volvo uses Diesel cycle technology, a little volume of diesel is injected during a impulse of combustion. Image credit: Volvo Trucks

Range, of course, is really critical for long-haul operations. Gas is kept during 4-10 bar vigour and a biggest Volvo tanks can reason adequate of fuel for a 1000 km. Refilling tanks takes as many as in diesel alternatives. However, drivers will not be means to forget diesel completely. Because Volvo uses Diesel cycle technology, little volume of diesel contingency be combined during a impulse of injection.

If a association wants to strech 0 CO2 emissions, required diesel fuel will have to be transposed with Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils. Lars Mårtensson, Director Environment and Innovation during Volvo Trucks, said: “Our concentration on LNG vehicles is formulating new prerequisites for a business to run fuel- and cost-efficient operations. At a same time, we’re creation it probable for complicated lorry operations to intensely revoke their meridian impact”.

Trucks are an critical partial of a equation in perplexing to revoke a CO footprint. While your automobile might be intensely environmentally friendly, many of a things we have arrived on diesel trucks. The attention is looking for solutions. While electric trucks might not be a ideal choice for now, LNG infrastructure is already utterly common.


Source: Volvo Trucks


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