Washington State Man Kills His Family and Then Himself

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Police officers during a stage of a sharpened in farming Washington State on Friday. A male killed 4 people and afterwards himself.

Mason County Sheriff

BELFAIR, Wash. — A gunman who killed 4 people during a home in farming Washington State called an officer he formerly encountered to contend he had shot his family, heading to an hourslong deadlock Friday that finished with his suicide, a authorities said.

A 12-year-old lady associated to a victims survived and was taken to a sanatorium for an evaluation, a Mason County sheriff’s arch deputy, Ryan Spurling said. Her condition was not immediately known.

The officer who took a shooter’s call went to a home opposite Puget Sound from Seattle with another deputy. The authorities negotiated with a male for about 3 hours before a SWAT group entered a residence in a heavily wooded area and found a bodies.

The gunman “apparently came outward a home and shot himself,” Sheriff Casey Salisbury said. “It’s a terrible tragedy.”

The identities of a gunman and a victims were not released.

Jack Pigott, who lives down a road, pronounced he listened gunshots Thursday night though nothing Friday.

The integrate who lived in a residence about 25 miles southwest of Seattle were in their 40s and had been married for 4 or 5 years, Mr. Pigott said. The mother had dual teenage sons who were adopted from Russia during a prior marriage. She also had a daughter who was adopted from China.

Mr. Pigott pronounced a father had a heating and atmosphere conditioning executive business. He had recently been hospitalized, Mr. Pigott said, though he did not know why. When he returned home, he was on a lot of medications, Mr. Pigott pronounced of a man.

It was common for a family to do sharpened practice, Mr. Pigott said, and that is what he suspicion of when he listened a gunfire.

“I was removing a bucket of timber into a house, and we hear some gunshots,” he said. “Four or five, a postponement and afterwards another round.”