Watch: ‘Ads vs Reality’ is a crafty satire of how incomprehensible certain Indian ads can be

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Ridiculous Indian ads are as common as anchors yelling ‘breaking news’ and Salman Khan holding off his shirt on television.

Be it a deodorant blurb earnest to spin men into a chick-magnet or an announcement for a integrity cream that promises to give we a pursuit of your dreams — many products cite to showcase deceptive ideas than their tangible product benefits, possibly because there indeed aren’t any.

A screengrab from a video. A screengrab from a video.

A screengrab from a video.

So when comedy group SnG came adult with a video spoofing Indian ads vs reality, it was certain to be a waggish watch. The six-minute YouTube video featuring former VJ Ramona Arena, a ‘Ads vs Reality’ is a crafty satire that shows accurately how incomprehensible certain ads can be.

From fake doctors endorsing a dermatological advantages of cosmetics to a code of tea to briefs-and-vest wearing group fortifying women from harassers to people risking their lives to get a repair of soothing drink, we can pinpoint exactly which code they are targeting and giggle out shrill when we recognize that celeb they are spoofing.

A particularly funny segment is a travesty on Cadbury ads, that has a immature male persuading a immature lady to accept a chocolate from a sum foreigner that formula in her removing unperceiving and abducted.

If there is one thing that these ads learn us, it’s what NOT to do!

Watch a full video here