Watch: And now, a video that shows Bollywood strain reactions for real-life situations

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Using Bollywood songs to etch a real-life conditions seems to be branch into a trend now. And it is a waggish trend.

Screenshot from YouTube video.Screenshot from YouTube video.

Screenshot from YouTube video.

First, there was a ‘Caption Bollywood’ video that offering some captions to Bollywood songs that indeed gave some-more definition to a songs than a lyrics themselves.

And now, a latest ‘Hindi Song Reactions for Everyday Situations’ video offers humorous (and infrequently creepy) real-life situations in that Bollywood songs could be used.

There are, however, some moments in a video when we start to consternation if a ‘everyday situation’ is maybe some-more absurd than a strain selected for it. For example, one of a situations reads, “When your crony is failing though you’re bustling doing karaoke.”

How is a conditions of a chairman singing while their crony is failing an bland situation? The video competence have confused ‘everyday situation’ with ‘super uncanny situation’.

However, gripping aside these flaws in a video, it’s indeed utterly funny. Watch a full video here: