Watch As A Man Does The Complete Opposite Of What You Should Do With Molten Metal

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In life, there are a few things that should be supposed as comprehensive truths: a sky is blue, a Earth is round, and we unequivocally should not hang your palm in a tide of fiery metal.

But apparently, possibly someone forgot to learn this male a disproportion between prohibited and cold, or this guy’s a subsequent superhero watchful to have his possess Marvel or DC film. In a shave below, a male can be seen tinkering with a tide of molten-hot liquid. And if it isn’t bad adequate that a male is station too dangerously tighten to a prohibited things for my liking, afterwards a talent gets a thought to take off his reserve gloves and force his palm right into a line of fire.

Despite his act of stupidity, a male walks divided totally unfazed and unscathed by his fiery steel hand-washing.


While hopefully nothing of we have fiery steel only fibbing around, greatfully don’t try this during home. It takes a genuine ignoramus to even consider that something like this would be “fun.”