Watch As One Man Reads A Popular Christmas Tale In A Ton Of Voices You Know And Love

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Countless people retell a iconic holiday story, “The Night Before Christmas,” each year during a holiday season. But what creates this male special is that he can review a story in an considerable accumulation of voices.

Scheiffer Bates is a gifted voice actor and impressionist from a U.K. who can renovate into any impression or luminary he chooses — during least, when it comes to how they pronounce and sound. So settle in, squeeze some blankets and prohibited coco, since you’re about to hear Bates’ chronicle of a Christmas story, told in dozens of voices you’ll commend right away.

How does he do it?!


If I’d usually been listening instead of watching, I’d have sworn these were a tangible people and characters talking. Check out some-more of Bates’ overwhelming impressions on YouTube.