Watch As Two Cubs Meet An Adult Tiger For The First Time — This Is Too Cute!

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In this shave from a BBC inlet array “Tigers About a House,” tiger consultant Giles Clark from Australia Zoo introduces dual discovered tiger cubs, Spot and Stripe, to their initial grown-up large cat.

The tiger who had a respect of being a initial adult that a youngsters got to contend hi to was Maneki, a nine-year-old womanlike who had never before seen cubs. During a meeting, Maneki and a cubs immediately starting chuffing during any other, that is their approach of observant hello. It’s also used by mom tigers to comfort their cubs, a good pointer according to Zookeeper Clark that Maneki (and a other tigers) will acquire Spot and Stripe when they’re large enough.


As lovable as that was, I’m a bit disturbed to learn that tigers speak to any other like a velociraptors from “Jurassic Park.” As if they weren’t already frightful enough!