Watch: Baba Sehgal is behind and we improved feel voluptuous about it

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If we ever, in inlet of your despondency or while pang from insomnia, wondered what a brood of 1990s batch footage and cocktail song would demeanour like, Baba Sehgal is here to sate your blazing oddity once and for all.

In his latest video for a “song” patrician Why Am we So Sexy, Baba kicks up the nostalgia label so tough that it’s most a low blow.

Baba. YoutubeBaba. Youtube

Baba Sehgal. Youtube

In a video, that seems to get a core impulse from a Microsoft Windows 98 wallpaper, Baba brings behind a 1990s slit and how.

There is all a common tellurian mind can enterprise — a beats, a dance moves, a visuals.

There are girls in bikinis, people wearing masks, a hulk clock, drifting cards, and a man and a lady carrying a time of their lives only listening (we assume) to Baba on apart headphones in front of a hulk disco light!

And Baba himself is not here to rubbish (his or your) time or run around in circles, he means business and he wants we to be inspired. He wants we to reason a counterpart to your face and see an swap existence where we are beautiful, assured and apparently don’t give most suspicion to your dressing.

Baba sings for all amiability and his lyrics are subsequent from something really core to tellurian nature, something really obsolete that only clicks and creates your jaw drops in perfect astonishment of a creation.

We wish we trust in some aloft powers, since this video can't be a outcome of small tellurian endeavours.

PS – Although after all this, we are still questioning because Baba wants us to ask ‘darling’s dad’ – “Why am we so sexy?” But we have faith in Baba, something good will come of it.

Get your mind blown below: