Watch Channing Tatum Dance His Way Onto Jimmy Kimmel Live

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Channing Tatum might have been shaken before guest hosting final night’s part of Jimmy Kimmel Live, yet he positively didn’t seem it.

Jimmy Kimmel has comparison several guest hosts to fill in for him this week as he recovers from a cold and prepares for his son’s deferred heart surgery, including Shaquille O’Neal, Dave Grohl and Jennifer Lawrence, yet it’s been Channing Tatum so distant that has taken a round and run with it. Or should be contend danced with it?

As a uncover started Tatum is seen sitting during his desk, and thereafter backstage admissing to guest Ellen DeGeneres how shaken he was feeling. DeGeneres gave him one square of recommendation that he took to heart though, “No one’s gonna caring about what we say, generally after we dance.”

Cue C+C Music Factory’s “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now),” and Tatum is off. Dancing by his makeup and habit sessions, and even while holding a lavatory break. From there he danced right onto a stage, finish with a organisation of backup dancers, and even Pink. 

Tatum might not have been a best guest horde of all time, yet he positively did a good pursuit gripping it interesting. The Magic Mike star put his gifts on display, and had everybody talking. And after we are finished examination a video below, we will wish to check out his Halloween antic on his daughter as well. Including his reparation to her afterwards.