Watch: DMDK’s Captain Vijaykanth gives yoga a try, what follows is hilarious

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The initial International Yoga Day was a lot of things — India set two new Guinness World Records for Yoga, Prime Minister Narendra Modi assimilated thousands during a Rajpath and achieved yoga for half an hour, BJP personality Ram Madhav influenced a debate over Vice President Hamid Ansari’s deficiency that backfired because it turns out Ansari was not invited in a initial place! And as we saw several leaders from opposite parties contour themselves into several poses, DMDK arch Vijaykanth was one of them. Though he was a good sport, he might not have been means to master a art, in what looked like his initial ever try during a ancient practice.

DMDK personality Vijaykanth. Image courtesy: Screengrab from a YouTube video. DMDK personality Vijaykanth. Image courtesy: Screengrab from a YouTube video.

DMDK personality Vijaykanth. Image courtesy: Screengrab from a YouTube video.

With a outrageous print of him behaving an asana in a background, the DMDK personality on Sunday led roughly 100 celebration workers and showed them how it’s done. Or might be not. The video opens with a unsure Vijaykanth, wearing his heading all-white clothing, solemnly inching towards a theatre where a immature child performs asanas perfectly. Vijaykanth stops to watch a immature proffer and shakes his conduct as if a cake walk. But when he indeed tries to do a poses, he finds out a tough way, that yoga indeed needs a lot of practice.

The clueless DMDK arch is seen looking around to understand what is happening. Once he has figured that approach to look, Vijaykanth takes assistance from a fellow volunteer and learns how to lay straight! Everything else goes down mountain from there. The DMDK arch attempts a elementary respirating practice after that, but wait a minute… he doesn’t know that nostril to press and that to release. So, there is this ungainly impulse when he pauses to glance during his possess fingers.

Speaking to The New Indian Express, Vijayakanth said, “Everyone contingency do yoga since it is a approach to keep healthy and achieve peace. we have finished 108 padmasanams frequently progressing in life and this is one of a reasons for my fitness. Yoga is Peace.”

Vijaykanth is right, yoga is peaceful.But we don’t know either what he did on theatre can be called yoga during all.

Throughout a 7 notation laughter-riot, a DMDK leader, flinches, winks, staggers, almost-falls and attempts training yoga to his 100-or-so celebration members. Watch a whole video here.