Watch How Ryan Gosling Pays Tribute To His Dead Dog

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Fans of Blade Runner 2049 star Ryan Gosling know how trustworthy he was to his dog George. From articulate about him in interviews, to copiousness of photos of him walking him, it was apparent George played a large partial in Gosling’s life. Unfortunately final year in Dec George upheld divided during a age of 17, and even now Gosling continues to compensate reverence to him.

Last week during a Saturday Night Live premiere Gosling was spotting wearing a sweater in reverence to George. It was during a shutting credits. Fans also beheld that he was wearing a necklace, one he’d been seen wearing many of times before, though until now it was different what a necklace was of. During an coming on Ellen DeGeneres’ uncover yesterday however, he suggested that he was wearing George’s dog tag.

Gosling remembered his dog fondly during a interview. “George, as he started to age, started to demeanour like an aging stone star,” he said. “He was sorta skinny-fat and he had large hair and, we know, no teeth, open sores, though still sexy.” He followed it adult by saying that “He was a good crony to me, though it’s humorous to contend dog since we feel like there was something about George where he always, we consider he felt like he felt being a dog was underneath him, we know? He would not do tricks. If we wanted him even to lay down, we had to arrange of remonstrate him it was in his best interest.”

You can watch a whole talk below.