Watch new 100 years of Indian beauty episode, it’s entirely Bollywood

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There’s a new 100 years of beauty array part and it’s entirely bollywood!

In their latest installment of The Cut‘s “100 Years of Beauty” series, a hair, makeup and conform trends of India are mimicked by indication and dancer Trisha Miglani.

Screen squeeze from video.Screen squeeze from video.

Screen squeeze from video.

Cut uses hairstyles, veils, bindis and Mehendi to uncover how styles have developed given 1910 — always going behind to Bollywood heroines of a era, from Nargis Dutt to Katrina Kaif.

Modest hair and hardly there makeup of a 1910s transforms into a large ponytails and extreme cat-eye of a 1960s along with side plat ponytails of a ’80s. They even put adult their Bollywood diva inspirations on their pinterest account. we can see a images  here.

Past “100 years of beauty” segments have also combined an part on Persian, Korean and Mexican cultures.

Watch a 100 years of Indian Beauty here: