Watch: PSY’s new song video competence only be a ‘daddy’ of all viral videos

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It’s a child! It’s a man-child! It’s PSY!

The South Korean singing sensation, who took a star (more importantly YouTube, with tighten to 2.5 billion views) by charge with his Gangnam Style is behind with a new strain Daddy and a strain video, that will plea all your perceptions of sanity.

Screengrab from a video. YouTubeScreengrab from a video. YouTube

Screengrab from a video. YouTube

The video facilities not one, not two, though 3 PSYs. But it is most some-more difficult than it sounds.

PSY 1 is a child with superpower to hit women over. PSY 2 is an aged male with bullion teeth and a circle chair that has been to an part of MTV’s Pimp My Ride. PSY 3 is only a good aged PSY.

The video also facilities crazy dance moves that can lead to a hurricane and lots family bonding.

At a core, a strain a reverence to fatherhood. No, really! We suggest we watch it with your daddy.