Watch: Rohit Shetty fails miserably in ‘Gerua’ during branch behind a time with SRK and Kajol

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Once on a time, Shah Rukh Khan widespread his arms and leaned backwards. Bollywood was never a same again.

One has clever enterprise to discuss a phrase like ‘the rest was history’, though in box of Khan, a ‘history’ only keeps repeating itself. Over a years, Khan has struck that pose (or has been forced to) so many times that, nonetheless it can be categorized as his trademark, it certain has mislaid a charm.

Screengrab from a video. YouTubeScreengrab from a video. YouTube

Screengrab from a video. YouTube

The same analogy can be drawn for a video for Rohit Shetty’s latest Dilwale strain Gerua.

The video starts with Khan swelling his wings arms and giving that look to a camera (cue Khan fans hyperventilating), followed by a Kajol staring into space, looking mislaid (and utterly understandably so, as she is station in a center of a lake).

Cue Khan rising from a cloud of white birds (we are still perplexing to figure out a species) and Kajol’s saree, prolonged adequate for two, floating opposite a support (wait, where have we seen that before?).

At this indicate of time (which is only thirty seconds into a video), if we have watched adequate Bollywood songs, we can theory a rest of a sequences about to unfold.

The video is most both of them ancillary any other’s weight, clearly done to blemish your nostalgia itch.

As for a scenic locations CGI, nonetheless we wish it could be put into improved words, it can be described in only 3 characters, b, a, and d. The volume of lens flares, synthetic skies and rainbows are adequate to make even JJ Abrams and Tim Burton nervous.

And did we discuss a strain facilities Khan in blue and red velvet jackets while flash eyeglasses of a same colour?

And, Kajol and Khan can walk, or rather, run on water. But that’s a famous fact, so we cannot get into that.

And lest we forget, Kajol looks different. Shetty, really?

Yes, we know a interest of all this, though a multi crore bill film certain calls for a diminutive volume of bid on partial of a artistic group and a director.

Yes, we desired Kajol and Khan in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. But that was 1995, this is 2015.

Watch a video in doubt below: