Watch Taylor Swift Fall On Her Face In New Apple Music Commercial

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Taylor Swift and Apple’s attribute seems to be doing so good these days that a strain luminary is peaceful to do a face plant off a treadmill for their latest commercial.

The ad for Apple Music has a thespian scrolling by a playlists on her phone before she starts to work-out to Drake’s Jumpman. Swift raps along with a strain while using on her treadmill, and unfortunately doesn’t seem to be means to swat and lope during a same time as she unexpected falls, face first. Then comes a Apple locate phrase “distractingly good.”

It’s tough to trust that it was close to a year ago that Swift wrote an open minute to Apple saying she was going to criticism their preference to not compensate royalties for strain streamed during a 3 month hearing period, and that she would secrete her manuscript 1989 from being a partial of it. Apple of march responded to a criticism quickly, and topsy-turvy their policy. After saying this new commercial, we’re blissful she did.