Watch The Creepy Moment This Wet Floor Sign Starts Moving On Its Own

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In movies, ghosts pound glasses, slice curtains, and open cabinets, though this confidence footage only competence be reason of a cleanest spook ever.

Recently, 31-year-old Kathy Round was straightening adult a behind room of a pub she co-manages when confidence footage held something odd. She’d listened rumors that ghosts condemned a 200-year-old joint, though she never gifted anything herself. That is, until a soppy building pointer and a mop started moving.

Watch a weird footage below. As shortly as Round’s behind is turned, a pointer starts to move.

After she uploaded a video, she was contacted by paranormal investigators. They devise to go spook sport in a aged pub. Hopefully, they’ll find an reason for whatever caused this.

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Would we work in a condemned pub? Let us know in a comments. As prolonged as a spook was tidy, we don’t consider we would mind!