Watch The Horrific Moment A Teacher Threatens To Shoot A Student In The Head

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It’s totally distinct that high propagandize teachers get undone with their students.

After all, teenagers act out all a time and exam a boundary of everybody around them, generally management figures. However, one Georgia teacher went way too distant in his indignant outburst final week. During his 11th category production category during Rockdale Career Academy, Paul Hagan was available instigation a 17-year-old boy for an different reason.

When a teen laughed during him, Hagan threatened him, saying “that’s how people like we get shot.” The child is black. Hagan also went on to supplement that he gamble “by a time you’re 21 somebody’s going to put a bullet in your head. And it competence be me a one who does it.”

(via Daily Mail)

After saying a footage, a boy’s mother, Apr Carr, is perfectionist that Hagan be fired. He’s given been placed on executive leave while Rockdale Public Schools investigates a incident.