Watch The Moment Parents Hear Their Daughter’s Heart Beat 20 Years After Her Death

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Losing a child is a many harmful thing that can occur to a parent.

Daniel and Shirley Mason had a daughter named Nicky who died 20 years ago when she was only 18 years old. She was tragically run over while walking to a friend’s residence from her home. Nicky’s mind branch and spinal cord were both snapped, and in a midst of a many harmful impulse of their lives, a Masons knew Nicky would wish to present her organs.

Her heart was transplanted successfully to a lady named Inger Jensen, who went on to win a bullion award for swimming in a Olympic Transplant Games in 1999. Until recently, however, she had never met a relatives of a lady who saved her life.

When they did finally accommodate up, it felt like a reunion. The romantic impulse was prisoner on camera, and a Masons got to hear their daughter’s heartbeat one some-more time.

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Everyone concerned in this story is so selfless. we wish this starts a prolonged and happy friendship. Share this with your desired ones!