Watch The New Batman v Superman Trailer

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With 2015 fast sketch to a tighten (and a new Star Wars film sketch ever closing), people have all prepared started looking brazen to 2016 and a new collection of films slated to open. When a initial trailer for Batman v Superman was expelled over a summer fans were rather ho-hum about it, and there were a lot of questions left unanswered. Last night during Jimmy Kimmel Live! a latest trailer was released, and fans seem to be most some-more invested in it.

Perhaps it’s something to do with a approach Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne demeanour during any other as they slice detached any other’s superhero identities, including Ben Affleck’s Bruce observant to Henry Cavill’s Clark “Maybe it’s a Gotham City in me, we only have a bad story with freaks dressed like clowns,” or maybe it’s a entrance of a genuine knave in a movie, Doomsday. Whatever it is though, it felt like DC Comics was delivering a summary to Marvel’s Civil War film that is also expelled subsequent year, stating, we’re here and we’re prepared to quarrel for a tip superhero film of a year.

Jesse Eisenberg also gets most some-more time on shade in a latest trailer, though overtly he doesn’t seem to unequivocally broach most as Lex Luthor. It competence be a hair, though really, we only can’t assistance though demeanour during him as being too whiny for the arch knave of Superman. Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman creates a most bigger dash this time around as well, and a humorous sell between Batman and Superman on who invited her to a celebration showed that a film competence only have a small of comedy in it after all to assistance abate adult a mood.

Of march a large exhibit in a trailer is General Zod’s remains being used by Lex Luthor to emanate a ultimate Superman knave Doomsday. In a comics Doomsday, a grey beast whose skeleton expel from his skin, killed Superman when he initial premiered in a 90’s, and he’s been a thorn in a side of a superhero ever since.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is released on Mar 25, shortly before Marvel’s Civil War. It will be an engaging year of superheroes battling one another.