Watch: This waggish satire video shows what’s wrong with Salman and ‘Main hoon Hero tera’

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Tu mera Hero series 1‘. ‘Palat tera Hero idhar hai‘. ‘Main tera Hero‘. And now, there’s ‘Main hoon Hero tera‘.

Screenshot from YouTube video.Screenshot from YouTube video.

Screenshot from YouTube video.

The universe competence be changing fast though Bollywood’s mania with old, cliched and cheesy formulae to emanate a same sore difficulty of songs by jumbling adult difference already used competence not change for a prolonged time. One of Bollywood’s favourite words, detached from ‘pyaar‘ and ‘dil‘ seems to be ‘Hero’.

And a latest actor to make another strain out of ‘Hero’ is, not surprisingly, Salman Khan. However, if listening to Salman’s substantially auto-tuned voice and examination a catastrophic behaving of Sooraj Pancholi and Athiya Shetty in ‘Main hoon Hero tera‘ creates we sick, we will adore a satire of a song.

The strange strain shows a word ‘Sooraj’ tattooed on Sooraj Pancholi’s back. The satire shows a difference ‘Doobta Sooraj’ on a impression personification Sooraj Pancholi.

The satire video also has a actor personification Salman sing out some tips for Sooraj Pancholi. “Protein shake maarke pehle tu small jaisi physique bana” is one of those surpassing tips.

The many waggish of these tips, of course, is when Salman teaches Sooraj a significance of being a pure in a satire video. Arguably a funniest partial of a video is when Sooraj and Salman are together meditating and invariably chanting, “I’m a virgin.”

The strain also takes a waggish puncture during a nepotism that is prevalent in a Indian film industry.

You can watch a whole video here: