Watch: Vir Das takes a puncture during internet trolls in this waggish satirical video

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One of a best and a misfortune things about a internet is a user’s ability to sojourn totally anonymous.

Vir Das in a video 'Trolling 101'.Vir Das in a video 'Trolling 101'.

Vir Das in a video ‘Trolling 101’.

A goblin is an internet jargon that is used to impute to a chairman who posts provocative, scornful or inflammatory comments or messages to dissapoint someone else or usually get attention.

As Vir Das hilariously describes in his satirical video ‘Trolling 101’, a goblin is someone whose “face is an egg, your mouth is a gutter, your fingers are prepared to go and your unfortunate need for courtesy that we would never get by your possess achievements is resolutely in place.”

In a video, trolls get serve trolled by Vir Das as he creates fun of a approach they play abuses during others, blindly follow leaders and aim renouned actresses and actors.

“You contingency insult, abuse, conflict and goblin anyone who disagrees with that personality (whom a goblin supports) unless of march a personality bans your porn…He might have taken your mind and your dignity. But how brave he take divided a usually womanlike communication we will ever experience?” Das tells a trolls.

Well played, Vir Das. Well played. Watch a video here: