Watching 10,000 Snow Geese Take Flight Together Is Pretty Incredible. Check It Out!

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When we consider about birds who fly south for a winter, we mostly consider of geese.

While I’m some-more accustomed to saying a brownish-red and black Canada goose, their some-more glamorous reflection is a sleet goose. With all white plumage, it’s flattering apparent where they get their name, and when a whole group is landed in a margin or on a lake together, it can unequivocally demeanour like a landscape is lonesome in snow.

Flocks can series 10,000, or more, and it’s extraordinary to declare them in a atmosphere together. Have we ever seen a group of geese take off during a same time? It’s flattering amazing, and someone recently held some sleet geese during only a right moment.

They were unresolved out on Lake Massawippi in Canada when they unexpected took to a skies. It’s unequivocally a steer to behold!


Youtube / LazyriverGoldens

I’d adore to see something like this in person. What an extraordinary thing to locate on video!