Wave of a Future: ONR Forum Looks during Amphibious Operations

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Technology to impact destiny amphibious naval operations was in a spotlight Aug. 27, as comparison leaders from a Navy and Marine Corps spoke to a packaged residence during the Office of Naval Research (ONR) on a subject of “Expeditionary and Irregular Warfare: The Amphibious High Water Speed Challenge.”

The latest in ONR’s Focus Area Forums—an ongoing array of scholarship and record themed meetings bringing together academia, attention and troops leaders to improved tackle naval challenges—included keynote speeches by Marine Corps Lt. Gen. Robert S. Walsh, autocratic general, Marine Corps Combat Development Command/Deputy Commandant, Combat Development and Integration, and Rear Adm. Mat Winter, a arch of naval research. Both leaders spoke about a obligatory need for record to allege amphibious operations and emanate a high speed capability to capacitate a Marine Corps’ judgment of operational scheme from a sea.

“I don’t consider there’s a some-more vicious capability plea for a Marine Corps’ service-defining capability, than being means to get Marines from boat to seaside to design seamlessly and expeditiously,” Walsh noted. “That’s what we do. We’ve got to have that capability, and we’ve got to be means to do it quickly.”

The forum featured not usually presentations from high-level care on amphibious operations and capabilities, though also authorised attendees to correlate and plead new amphibious technologies, around posters displayed about their work. Winter pronounced a forums are a singular approach for ONR to continue vicious discourse started during a Naval Future Force ST Expo hold final Feb and to allege vicious scholarship and record indispensable for a Marine Corps.

“These forums are essential to not usually foundational discussions about simple research, though also how that investigate can allege into, ultimately, capability for a warfighter,” pronounced Winter. “The forums give a investigate and attention partners firsthand views on warfighter needs and care requirements—and also give a warfighters new insights into a art of a possible, both short- and long-term.”

The eventuality was orderly by ONR’s Expeditionary Warfare and Combatting Terrorism Department. Dr. John Pazik is a dialect conduct and obliged for a Expeditionary and Irregular Warfare concentration area, that covers a extended spectrum of technologies. The high H2O speed aspects of a concentration area are managed by Jeff Bradel, module manager for scheme scholarship and technology.  While a forum was designed to hint ideas and review in a ST community, panelists and discussions cut opposite a Naval Research Development Enterprise (NRDE) to support a issues.

Bradel, who has been a pivotal actor in a Joint Light Tactical Vehicle program, was recently famous by a National Defense Industrial Association for his lifetime achievements in tactical car technology.

“A high H2O speed amphibious fight car is of vicious significance to a Marine Corps,” Bradel said. “Designing a able complement with all a preferred attributes of a high speed H2O craft, joined with a enterprise for a high opening land car once ashore in a singular platform, is a really severe problem. We are seeking new, breakthrough technologies and innovative concepts in sequence to move this indispensable capability to fruition.”

Attendees were eager after training some-more about ONR investigate efforts on high H2O speed technologies and saying a joining from Navy and Marine Corps care present.

Some of a topics highlighted as pivotal areas for brief and long-term growth opportunities included:

• Hull form and propulsor hydrodynamics
• Powertrain/power generation/fuel efficiency/autonomy
• Survivability/materials/structures
• Human factors/habitability

To see a brief video about a Focus Area Forum on High Water Speed Challenge, go here. To see a full bulletin or download a briefings, click here.

Source: ONR