We are not gays: Zimbabwe boss Mugabe tells United Nations

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LGBT rights is something that several countries in a world, including India, are perplexing to hang their heads around. While in India, a Supreme Court and supervision have refused to decriminalise homosexuality, there are some other countries where happy rights are looked during with distant some-more contempt.

That Zimbabwe has one of a misfortune LGBT rights annals in good known, though it was done clearer when a country’s boss Robert Mugabe used a height of a UN to demonstrate his offend towards homosexuality.

Robert Mugabe speaks during a UN. AFPRobert Mugabe speaks during a UN. AFP

Robert Mugabe speaks during a UN. AFP

Speaking during a UN General Assembly, a 91-year-old Mugabe criticised Western countries for perplexing to levy ‘new rights’ on other countries where it did not go well with the norms.

The Telegraph quoted him as saying, We reject a politicisation of this critical emanate and a focus of double standards to oppress those who consider and act exclusively of a self-anointed prefects of a time. We equally reject attempts to allot ‘new rights’ that are discordant to a values, norms, traditions and beliefs.”

Then he blurted out, “We are not gays.”

And this is not a initial time that Mugabe has lashed out against gay rights. Earlier in in 2011, he had called British PM David Cameron ‘satanic’ for ancillary happy rights.

“It becomes worse and Satanic when we get a primary apportion like Cameron observant countries that wish British assist should accept homosexuality,” The Telegraph had quoted him as saying.

Mugabe had also pronounced gays were “worse than pigs and dogs” and threatened that “We will retaliate we severely.”