We Are Your Friends review: In Zac Efron’s hands, even EDM turns kitschy

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There aren’t many cinema on electronic dance strain (EDM) or a industrial-techno-underground flavours. The 2004 Michael Dowse film It’s All Gone Pete Tong was one of a initial of a kind and it incited out to be a truly overwhelming sendoff to EDM fans, interjection to it’s singular tract featuring a deaf DJ, mouthwatering Ibiza beach celebration locales, spreading soundtrack, and authentic depiction of how a famous DJ creates his strain and struggles with assembly expectations. For anyone who likes this kind of music, Pete Tong finished one crave for some-more such films.

So it becomes a pleasing warn to see We Are Your Friends with a identical tract and setting, with a pleasing Zac Efron personification a executive DJ protagonist. Unfortunately a film’s peculiarity is zero like Pete Tongs. If you’re branch to We Are Your Friends since we desired Pete Tong, ready for a bold shock.

Zaz Effron stars in We Are Your Friends. Image Courtesy: FacebookZaz Effron stars in We Are Your Friends. Image Courtesy: Facebook

Zaz Efron stars in We Are Your Friends. Image Courtesy: Facebook

This film is not a sendoff to EDM fans, though a cookie cutter, coming-of-age rom com, with a trace of sore and general EDM to demeanour ‘hep’ and ‘cool’. Like many famous subterraneous DJs who sole out and began belting out general beats for blurb hall and airtime gains, We Are Your Friends panders to a younger and dumber assembly with a wish of distinguished box bureau gold.

Directed by debutant Max Joseph, We Are Your Friends is fake, most like his MTV uncover Catfish. Efron wears a parsimonious tank tip and costly headgear around his neck and hey presto! He’s talent DJ Cole. All it takes, Cole says, is one strain to turn a legend. We’re shown scenes of Cole relating beats on his laptop and doing bro-tastic things with his friendbro to settle that he’s a good DJ.

But when he gets a possibility to combine with a famous DJ Reed (Wes Bentley), he takes a bit too most of a fondness for Reed’s assistant/girlfriend Sophie (Emily Ratajkowski). Will Cole have a strength to challenge Sophie’s permanent disruption display? Will he finally turn a good DJ? Watch this prosaic and clichéd film to find out. Hint: Cole’s DJing skills are no improved than Emraan Hashmi guessing cricket scores with his sixth clarity in Jannat 2.

The usually amiable aspect of this film is Bentley, to whom being cleared out, alcoholic, and a former fable seems to come effortlessly. Everything and everybody else is trite over belief. Cole belts out cringe-inducing, inspirational lines like, “Sounds are your soul. Build them from scratch, find new ones”. During his brotastic companionship scenes, he whips out, “Don’t bro me until we know me”. His talent in skills are Bollywoodesque – he has some superhero energy of listening to his audiences’ heartbeat stroke and digest analogous beats per notation by his turntable. With such absurd scenes constantly entrance during you, compounded with a lame, forbidden-romance angle between Cole and his mentor’s lady Sophie, a film’s critical attempts during educating we about EDM prolongation have an equally laughable effect.

Ultimately We Are Your Friends is a immature adult novel, perplexing to costume itself as something more. If a filmmakers had left a whole sow or left full Nicholas Sparks, a film might have been some-more watchable. It’s a disguise of display a assembly a serious, coming-of-age, low-pitched story that grates. The whole ‘follow your dreams’ account is tackily done, as is a uncanny subplot of a mean genuine estate representative who unexpected disappears from a movie.

Those irritated by this film’s shambling depiction of EDM are requested to possibly watch Pete Tong or knowledge a adore minute to French underground-music, Eden.