We couldn’t entice Hamid Ansari on Yoga Day since PM Modi was already invited, says Ayush minister

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Even yet a universe distinguished International Yoga Day with most pushing and enthusiasm, BJP and RSS personality Ram Madhav influenced a debate with his tweets where he questioned Vice President Hamid Ansari’s deficiency during a event. The Vice President’s bureau was discerning to repartee and in their respond pronounced that Ansari was never invited for a eventuality that was hold on Sunday during a Rajpath.

Minister for Yoga and Traditional Medicine, Shripad Yasso Naik, spoke to CNN-IBN on Monday and clarified that a invitation was not sent due to a aver of precedence. The Ayush apportion pronounced that given Prime Minister Narendra Modi was invited to a event, Ansari couldn’t have been invited.

Union Minister Shripad Naik. PTIUnion Minister Shripad Naik. PTI

Union Minister Shripad Naik. PTI

“There is a aver of precedence. When we call a Prime Minister, we can't call a Vice-President. They are above a Prime Minister, that’s because we don’t call them,” he told CNN-IBN. When asked if such controversies should be avoided, Naik pronounced that, “They have withdrawn, we heard. Must have happened by mistake. We invited everyone, all a minister, all a arch ministers, though according to a order we couldn’t send Ansari an invitation one. we have certified my mistake. It contingency have been avoided. Mistakes are made, we are usually humans,” he added.

Madhav has given deleted a twitter doubt Ansari’s deficiency and afterwards apologised to him observant he after learnt that a Vice President was unwell.

But a Vice President’s bureau in a discerning respond that a information was incorrect. “Vice President was not sick. He was never invited for a yoga programme,” it said, adding, “the Vice President usually attends those programmes in that a Minister endangered invites him as per protocol”.

Madhav also indicted Rajya Sabha TV, a open use broadcaster run by Parliament’s Upper House, of blacking out live telecast of a Yoga Day eventuality “completely” notwithstanding being run on taxpayers money. As Rajya Sabha Chairman, Ansari is a determining management for a channel.

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