Weekly Roundup: Uber’s try into self-driving cars, Gawker acquired and NSA targeted by hackers

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This week, Uber suggested approaching skeleton to get passengers into self-driving cars, Gawker died, Snapchat done a big acquisition and an early theatre SF try organisation might be imploding. Get a Weekly Roundup in your inbox, if that’s your thing.

1. Hackers job themselves a Shadow Brokers collected NSA-created malware from a entertainment server run by a hacking group called Equation Group. The Shadow Brokers published dual chunks of data, that they will sell for during slightest $1 million. Wikileaks said they already possess a “auction” files and will tell them. Firewall makers Cisco and Fortinet reliable that vulnerabilities influenced their products — a avowal that lends faith to a speculation that a Equation Group is indeed an NSA operation. The tract thickens.

2. Uber already certified to contrast self-driving cars, though it turns out a company has been moving faster than anticipated. Uber is scheming to add self-driving cars to a swift of active drivers in Pittsburgh as shortly as this month. The association will muster around 100 modified Volvo XC90s given with self-driving apparatus – and if we occur to sequence one, it’s free.

3. Gawker as we once knew it, is dead. Univision won a auction to acquire Gawker Media’s websites and businesses for $135 million, and a site itself reported that it will be tighten down subsequent week. So let’s bury it, though also regard it for clearing a approach for improved journalism.

FILE - In this Wednesday, Mar 16, 2016, record photo, Gawker Media owner Nick Denton arrives in a courtroom in St. Petersburg, Fla. Spanish-language broadcaster Univision has bought Gawker Media in an auction for $135 million. That's according to a chairman informed with a matter who asked not to be identified since a understanding had not been rigourously announced. (AP Photo/Steve Nesius, Pool, File)

Gawker Media owner Nick Denton arrives in a courtroom in St. Petersburg, Fla. Spanish-language broadcaster Univision has bought Gawker Media in an auction for $135 million. (AP Photo/Steve Nesius, Pool, File)

4. Rothenberg Ventures, an early theatre SF-based try firm, might be on a margin of implosion, according to sources tighten to a firm. Several high-level employees during a four-year-old organisation left, and troubles seem to run most deeper. Amid claims that owner Mike Rothenberg seems to be vital some-more like a billionaire than a manager of a medium try fund, sources contend that a firm is underneath review by a SEC and one employee is suing.

5. Snapchat acquired mobile hunt app (and Disrupt Battlefield winner) Vurb for north of $110 million. The thought behind Vurb was to concede groups to make amicable skeleton collaboratively by a hunt app, so assisting users make skeleton with friends is one probability of what a app will supplement to Snapchat.


6. Facebook can’t build everything, though a platform can work as a stadium for developers and calm creators. Following this model, Facebook should launch a new developer height centered around a camera, and wait for developers to build an ecosystem of filters, picture modifications and video effects around it.

7. LinkedIn filed a fit against 100 unnamed people for regulating bots to collect user profiles from a website, prompting questions about how to military bot use.

8. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 is an everything-and-the-kitchen-sink device, directed during being all to everyone, from selfie-taking amicable networkers to critical business people. It has a pleasing edge-to-edge winding arrangement and a 5.7-inch display.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

9. Google launched a new video job app Duo, that lets we video call people one on one around their phone series – regardless of OS. But will a no-frills app starting from user 0 be means to contest with FaceTime and other fun video job options out there? Looks bleak.

10. Ford revealed it will broach self-driving cars but steering wheels, brakes or gas pedals by 2021. “We’re no longer only an automobile company, we’re also a mobility company,” pronounced Ford CEO Mark Fields during a press conference.

11. It’s time to publicly contrition United Airlines supposed online confidence policy. In short, United compromised users’ confidence by adopting keystroke loggers rather than something reasonable like two-factor authentication, and afterwards lied about it. Shame!  

12. Prior to dropping a gain report, Cisco reliable that it will cut adult to 5,500 jobs, or 7% of a tellurian workforce.

13. There’s a new unicorn on a map. India’s WhatsApp opposition Hike lifted $175 million led by Tencent during a $1.4 billion valuation. 

Featured Image: Uber/Bloomberg