Welcome Back review: A ideal charge of complete nonsense with Nana Patekar, Anil Kapoor and John Abraham

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There are bhais and there are bhais. The initial go to a underworld and a other, to sisters during large. Uday (Nana Patekar) and Majnu (Anil Kapoor) go to both categories. In Welcome Back, a supplement to Welcome by a same director, we accommodate Uday and Majnu, miserable in their decent male acts and gentlemen suits, which, incidentally, make for utterly an eye-catching wardrobe.

Eight years after Welcome, Uday and Majnu have stayed divided from don-hood in Dubai, carrying betrothed their sister’s uncle-in-law, Dr Ghungroo (Paresh Rawal) that they will travel a true and narrow. Now, as Dubai businessmen in Welcome Back, Uday and Majnu find respectability comes with baggage, sisters and criminal artistes.


A Still from Welcome Back.

This time, a twin find themselves saddled with one some-more sister — Ranjana (Shruti Hassan), daughter to Uday’s wife-hopping father (Patekar in a tiny double purpose appearance).

So Majnu struts around, shoulders tilted, wearing china or black jackets and his heading blue shades. Uday glares and glowers during goons while muttering “control” to himself while in his head, guns close and bucket any time anyone does anything to provoke him.

In Welcome Back, Uday and Majnu’s anguish is that they’re single. Even their henchmen have families, though a charming dyad don’t have wives who will gawk during them on Karva Chauth nights. Then, both of them land adult in adore with a same girl, Princess Chandni (Ankita Srivastava), daughter of Maharani Padmavati (Dimple Kapadia).

However, this is no genuine adore story. Padmavati is a criminal artist who works with her daughter to obstacle abounding group and weasel income out of them.

In box we suspicion this was a spoiler, all this happens within a initial 40 mins of Welcome Back, that is explanation that tract is a slightest of Bazmee’s concerns in this film.

When 50-something and fitter-than-ever Kapoor and Patekar start their shade time dancing to “Meet Me Daily Baby” and spend a rest of a film going turn in circles, we know we are in for executive Anees Bazmee’s code of slapstick comedy.

Matching them gun for a gun, skip for a skip, stupid difference for sillier one, and bluster for a seagul is John Abraham as Ajju bhai. While romancing Ranjana, he does some surprisingly good jumps and moves of his possess to dupe Uday and Majnu.

Our initial confront with him has him thrusting physique tools to a balance of “Main Babli hui, Tu Bunty hua/ Bandh kamre mein 20-20 hua”. A opposition enclose (a cameo by Ranjeet) says, “Yeh 20-20 khel rehein hain, inke physique ka 50-50 kar do.” There follows a unavoidable quarrel in that some-more of a unavoidable follows — small-time baddies go drifting in conflicting directions and Ajju takes off his shirt to arrangement a huge, sinewed behind and several packs of abs.

But he’s not all flesh and no masti. Ajju has some intrigue scenes, in that he’s a ingenue conflicting Ranjana, that suits Abraham only excellent too. Haasan is a improved and refreshingly honeyed deputy for Katrina Kaif from Welcome.

And if that wasn’t enough, dual some-more characters (Naseeruddin Shah and Shiney Ahuja) fly in with choppers to supplement to a disharmony combined by Hop Patekar, Skip Kapoor and Jump Abraham.

Shah is Wanted Bhai, a blind daddy of all dons who will, of course, kill for his druggie son, Honey (Ahuja). A excellent disaster is combined with Honey being in adore with Ranjana while Ranjana wants to marry Ajju while her ‘brothers’, Uday and Majnu, wish Ajju dead. Oh, and Ajju happens to be Dr Ghungroo’s wife’s deceptive son. This causes Ghungroo to call his mother “boycut hulkut” (she has brief hair) and come adult with divergent schemes of his own.

Welcome Back gallops along, powered by lines like “Logon ki ma-behen hoti hain, aapki baap-behen ho gayi” and “Mobile uski, sim apun ka, tu beech mein missed call dene waala kaun?” A prolonged cemetery stage is thrown in, with Kapoor violation into his illusory “Ae ji O ji” number, with his never tiring, super-enthusiastic grin. Thankfully, a film moves on to a discerning consummate indicate with all a actors using opposite silt dunes of Dubai, chased by camels.

Welcome Back kicks adult a charge of finish nonsense interjection to superb comic timing by Patekar and Kapoor. And it happens to be a acquire mangle from 24/7 coverage of murder, financial crashes and other critical news — quite since of a dual gifted actors who hop, skip, dance and dope around with finish conviction.