What Happened When This Spider Died Was Way, Way Worse Than A Living Spider

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This isn’t for a gloomy of heart.

One day in Australia, where it’s fundamentally been determined that all is terrifying and perplexing to kill you, someone motionless to mist a spider with some bug spray. A elementary resolution to a creepy-crawly, right?

Only this time, they got a lot some-more than they bargained for. See, a spider wasn’t alone. There was something else sneaking inside. (And no, it’s not baby spiders. That would have been partially cute.)

You know, we’re not even going to get into detail. Just watch and be horrified:

YouTube / Science Channel

If we could stomach examination until a end, you’d see that these parasitic worms don’t only shed adult in spiders, though can taint any form of bug, and they bail utterly vigourously when they clarity their “home” is in danger. Gross. But it competence make we consider twice about spraying pesticides all willy-nilly.