What Is A Pocket Skunk, You Ask? Only The Tiniest, Cutest Thing EVER

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Some people like to lift their tiny pooches around in their purses, though this rancher has an even some-more unstable pet.

Meet a slot skunk!

Meet a slot skunk!

YouTube / Barbarella Fokos

His name is Sweet William, and when Bob found him, a baby skunk was orphaned and ill on a side of a road. Of march Bob couldn’t leave a small man there, so he brought him home, nursed him behind to health, and kept a cutie right by his side for a subsequent dual weeks.

William looks flattering friendly with his new tellurian friend, though Bob still skeleton to recover him into a some-more healthy medium as shortly as a lil’ stinker is entirely recovered.

See some-more of their honeyed loyalty in this video:

Thank integrity Bob was there to give this critter a assistance he needed! Bet we never suspicion you’d wish a pet skunk, did you? Probably not a good thought to go out and squeeze one, sadly.

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