What Started With One Man And A Cello Turned Into Something You Have To See

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If we live in a city and you’ve ever spent time on a internet, you’re substantially a small too informed with travel performers and peep mobs.

But you’ve never seen anything utterly like this. While performers line city streets all over a universe and peep mobs are specially entertaining, something unimaginable happens when a dual of them collide.

Just ask a people who were in a right place during a right time when they walked by Spain’s Plaça de Sant Roc behind on May 19, 2012.

When a small lady forsaken some income into a cellist’s hat, passersby were treated to a philharmonic that left everybody singing.


Although it was apparently a designed performance, there’s something smashing about a fact that it all started with one musician, a extraordinary child, and a singular coin. In many ways, song is a tie that binds. Its measureless strech embraces people from all walks of life.